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Senior Ana Barahona created GEO Club here at NC in hopes to include her classmates in a great cause; in her trips to Honduras Ana discovered a special needs school in need of help and Ana started different donation drives to help the school out. All of January GEO Club is accepting school supply donations in the magnet lounge that will be donated to the special needs school.

A donation away

January 14, 2020
For decades, statistics have shown that Latino students tend to fall behind in U.S. educational endeavors compared to their white and Asian counterparts. Different factors lead to this: lack of parent involvement, motivation, and socioeconomic barriers. Despite these circumstances that several Latino students face, recent years have showcased a rise in high school graduation rates and postsecondary education enrollment for the group.

Latinos: On the journey to a better education

Angela Canales, Entertainment Editor
December 16, 2019
Magnet senior Ana Barahona sells a cookie to a hungry student as a way to earn money. However, she plans to use the money in a unique way to help others instead of spending it herself. “In the spring, I’m going to a special needs school in Honduras, and I’m using the money to pay for shipping for clothes and school supplies. I needed a way to get money instead of just asking people, so I decided to have a Christmas bake sale,” Barahona said. Students can find her in the Magnet Lounge selling Christmas tree rice krispies, hot chocolate cookies, and white chocolate popcorn for $1.50.

Cookies for sale

Jenny Loveland, Staff
December 4, 2019
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Ana Barahona