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Those without parking passes can still buy one. At a price of $50, anyone who can drive can receive a parking spot. For more information, see Ms. Anne Ellis in Admin. 1 or check NC’s website for further details.

Parking into NC

Jemiah Clemons, Staff
August 19, 2019
	Students received notes from North Star Admin regarding NC students’ privilege of parking on the church’s campus. The administration discontinued providing their parking lot for students who did not purchase a parking pass. Students keep hopes high for North Star reopening their church lot for students in the upcoming semester.

BREAKING: Driving out of North Star parking

Julyana Ayache, Reporter, Photographer
March 15, 2019
For this year’s parking spots, students must pick up their parking passes in between classes. Students could purchase parking spots before school began, but only a few passes remain. “There are about 20 to 22 passes left,” bookkeeper Ms. Turner said. If you still plan on obtaining a parking spot, head to Admin 1 quick!

Need a parking pass?

Kimani Kinyanjui, Videographer
August 14, 2018
Admin recently added signs to designate parking spaces for faculty and staff in the student lot near the gym, decreasing the number of spaces available to students. With construction workers already taking up a portion of the lower lot, students flew into a rage about the lack of spots. Senior Kaylee Hurlston said, “Why did I pay for a $50 parking pass if there’s nowhere for me to park?”

You snooze, you lose… your parking spot

Erin Grier, Photographer, Reporter
March 13, 2018
A construction worker’s car and trailer take up 4 parking spaces in the morning, making it even harder for students to find a parking slot and get to class. While currently undergoing a large-scale construction project, NC’s parking spaces greatly reduce, making every parking slot scarce and sacred.

Parking problems

March 27, 2017
Parking inconveniences forces students to find any spot to put their car, whether it be a parking space or not. NC’s new construction project leads to a shutdown of the second student lot and over 20 designated student spaces occupied by staff, causing daily chaos in the student parking lot.

Construction causes traffic in NC parking lot

Kat Shambaugh, Copy editor, Photo editor
January 11, 2017
Repercussions of North Cobb’s construction leads to staff parking in previously student-designated lots. With over flowing student parking lots prior to the construction and a whole lot isolated due to the projects, NC high schoolers struggle to find parking after staff cars begin to fill up their spaces. “I feel like it’s a real problem, ever since NC got rid of assigned parking, lots have become a mess. Many people don’t have parking-passes and now the lots are over flowing because of the staff parking,” sophomore Jared Nolen said.

Parking problems

December 12, 2016
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