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The problem with morality

The problem with morality

Jacob Tutterow, Opinions Editor
April 1, 2019
A lone student decides to sit down for the Pledge of Allegiance, expressing his freedom of speech.

The freedom to speak

Khalil Jackson, Reporter
May 18, 2017
Al-Farooq Masjid exists as a popular mosque for many Muslims in Atlanta, allowing them to pray and to connect with God.

Clarity check: What is Islam?

Fatima Elfakahany, Opinions editor
December 18, 2015
Have a little faith

Have a little faith

Kat Shambaugh, Features editor
December 10, 2015
Shane Smith states,”The human race is facing all kinds of problems, and all we are doing is pointing fingers.” As a whole, society tends to accuse those who are easy to blame. When it comes to terrorism, all fingers point to Muslims.

I am not a terrorist

Avery Rice, Photographer
December 9, 2015
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