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Jacob Tutterow

Jacob Tutterow, Opinions Editor

Jacob Tutterow, a senior at NCHS, never fails to impress everyone he meets with his wide spectrum of knowledge and humorous wise-guy remarks.

As Opinions Editor of The Chant, Jacob plans to bring his critical mind to the table in order to improve the newspaper program. As a self-motivating character, Jacob challenges himself to rigorous coursework, with a science and math based curriculum. He takes pleasure in intellectual debates and analytical conversations in general.

Jacob’s family consists of 6 siblings; with 4 brothers and 2 sisters, a funny family story always seems present. Some may enjoy sitting back and watching a good movie or binge-watching a Netflix series; Jacob prefers to let his mind roam in physics and mathematical theories.  

He envelops himself in mind-boggling physics studying including theoretical research and quantum mechanics. After reading The Elegant Universe, Jacob’s interest in such material motivates him to pursue a career in academia.

The young intellectual plans to be referred to as Dr. Tutterow while teaching and conducting research at a prestigious university. His passions include allowing his mind to grow and passing on the new discoveries and information to the next generation.

Jacob admires The Chant; the community and close-knit family feel satisfies Jacob’s model of an ideal work environment. Tutterow stands out and impresses all, as his brother, Alex Tutterow, describes: “He’s a very intelligent, brilliant person. I’ve never seen anything like it and it makes him unique. His extreme love for math and science is something you don’t see everyday; it sets him apart from others and I admire it.”

Written by Esteban Alarcon

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	AP Calculus teacher Deepa Stephen teaches the applications of integral calculus to her class. Stephen, with experience teaching in India, the United Kingdom, and the United States, decided to live in the US and teach for several years. “People are always saying things about the US education and all that, but they very often forget the freedom here. Here its a lot about your identity, and not about what your parents are doing or what opportunities are only available in your country. Its a great thing to live here,” Stephen said.

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Jacob Tutterow