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Esteban Alarcon

Esteban Alarcon, Copy Editor

Esteban Alarcon is 5’7” on his license, so we’ll go with that. As an academically ambitious senior, semi-professional wakesurfer, jazz musician, Copy Editor, H.o.P.e VP of Communications, and medicinal marijuana activist, Esteban has a busy schedule. Aside from maintaining his 4.29 GPA, the versatile teen will spend up to eight hours a day on the water, training for his next national tournament. To combine his passion with helping the community, Esteban takes part in Wake For Warriors: an organization teaching veterans how to wakesurf and enjoy life.

A large influence on Esteban’s character comes from his home country, Colombia. Visiting the South American about every year, the teen endulges himself in his culture, the food, and family while being surrounded by the familiar spanish dialect from Medellin, Colombia he grew up speaking. The teen hopes to one day merge the Colombian and American economy through the growing medicinal marijuana industry in order to help people. Today, Esteban works towards getting into the University of Georgia with a major in International Business and a pathway towards Dental School.

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Students enjoy a sunny, 60 degree day sitting outside for lunch in the middle of winter. With Georgia’s unpredictable weather, 70 degree weather comes days after snow storms and NC students love it.

[Photo] Time to thaw

January 17, 2017
Repercussions of North Cobb’s construction leads to staff parking in previously student-designated lots. With over flowing student parking lots prior to the construction and a whole lot isolated due to the projects, NC high schoolers struggle to find parking after staff cars begin to fill up their spaces. “I feel like it’s a real problem, ever since NC got rid of assigned parking, lots have become a mess. Many people don’t have parking-passes and now the lots are over flowing because of the staff parking,” sophomore Jared Nolen said.

[Photo] Parking problems

December 12, 2016
Construction workers operate inside a concealed fence surrounding the majority of the NC campus. The construction mirrors the anticipated development of NCs new theater.

[Photo] Construction woes

November 28, 2016
The Greenhouse Gang’s seedlings begin to flourish inside the retaining walls built by NC’s Beta Club. The members work to have positive impacts upon the environment and community.

[Photo] Fall blooms

October 26, 2016
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Esteban Alarcon