The true life of the party


Courtesy of Craig Wright

Wright has played at many different events, hoping to show his DJ talents across the country.

Esteban Alarcon, Reporter, Photographer

The DJ ignites and maintains the life of any party, providing the lifeforce for school events like Homecoming and Prom each fall and spring. DJ Rockafeller, also known as Craig Wright from Just In Time DJ entertainment , headlined the North Cobb homecoming dance on October 15. Wright kept the party flowing with his clever beats and clear love for the profession, which keeps him going each night.

What happens behind the scenes of the event’s most important energy creator?

Wright’s inspiration comes from his older brother who worked as a DJ as well.

“He taught me how to play when I was a kid, and I fell in love with it ever since,” Wright said.

His brother exposed him to the art of music, showing him tips and tricks to turn a get-together into a party. Six years later, Wright’s passion grows day after day and allows him to shift the ambience of the party the minute he steps in. Wright remembers his most enjoyable memory in his DJ career as a fraternity party at the University of West Georgia. Attendees jumped and danced to his music and he realized the responsibility and importance of a DJ.

img_2350Courtesy of Craig Wright

“DJing takes me into my own world. I love music but more importantly the crowd; being able to read your crowd within the first few songs is everything,” Wright said.

He applied this philosophy at Homecoming when he played a few experimental songs, and quickly tuned into every student’s rhythmic mindset. Wright practices the technique in all parties he entertains, saying that the people of the party make up the most important factor of his whole career, not the lights or high-tech gear.  

“The pillar of a good party is the energy I get from the crowd. I can honestly say that you guys are in my top 5 for most energetic school,” Wright said.

He explained the importance of the relationship between the DJ and the crowd. The NC students motivated the DJ, and Wright reciprocated the positive energy by playing the best music and moving the life of the party forward.