Greenhouse Gang blooms into new school year


Esteban Alarcon

The Greenhouse Gang tends to its plants and take pleasure in watching them bloom every year. The club revolves around educating students upon the methods of raising greenery; a skill they can carry on with them for the rest of their lives.

Esteban Alarcon, Opinions Editor

NC’s renowned Greenhouse Gang takes up the new school year with optimism in their minds and watering pails in their hands.

This novel club bases their activity out of the greenhouse located between the Freshmen Academy and Emory Sewell football stadium and continues to fill it with greenery. The club president, senior Grace Hannah, dedicates time and effort into the humble organization, allowing it to thrive beyond their limits every year. Along with Hannah, science teacher Ms. Sue Aughey sponsors the club and leads them in their greenhouse-ventures.

Ms. Aughey appreciates the importance of understanding plant life and happily passes on the skill to young students.

“Loving and dealing with plants is a lifelong skill and hobby that the Greenhouse Gang helps you master,” Aughey said.

Every Wednesday at 3:45 in Room 714, the club members come together to tend to the delicate greenery while discussing new improvements for the Greenhouse Gang. This year, freshly grown ideas bloom from the students.

In the past, the club held multiple fundraisers, including an annual plant sale. NC looks forward to the upcoming festive fundraiser of the mini-pumpkin sale in October; these funds go towards repairing the greenhouse, plant boxes, and other integral elements in maintaining the agriculture.

This year, the Greenhouse Gang hopes to contribute to the community by growing fresh vegetables and hosting a food drive for the underprivileged. The club never fails to surpass its limits and continues to climb further and further up the vines.

“Seeing this club bloom into what it is today is the best feeling ever, I’m so proud. The Greenhouse Gang is special because we are all one big family that supports each other and works together to make a wonderful outcome,” Hannah said.