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On the first Thursday of every month, UNICEF holds a meeting in Angela Milani 3067 to discuss fundraising plans for their new awareness theme. For September’s education theme, they held a school supply drive, and for October, they plan on raising some extra donations for the club.

UNICEF hopes to increase club membership this year

Michelle Lin, Reporter/Photographer
October 19, 2018
Another  eager student grabs an American Sign Language Club information slip posted outside of the ASL classroom. Meetings are held Wednesday afternoons at 3:30 in room 604.

American Sign Language club revived

Elyssa Abbott, Reporter/Photographer
September 6, 2018
At the Lake City Animal Hospital, these students surround the shelter dog, Pickles, as they take turns petting him. Pickles steals the hearts of many as he jumps around giving kisses to his new friends. Interacting and socializing with the dogs at the shelter brings smiles and joy to both the dogs and the students.

Paws up for the Rescue Warriors

Michelle Lin, Photographer
August 31, 2018
NC's clubs and extracurriculars kick off the year with a bang. Flyers for various clubs and activities line the halls of NC, preparing students for the upcoming events and meetings of this semester. A majority of extracurriculars start up in the next coming weeks, so if clubs such as creative writing, FBLA, book club, and many more peak your interest, look no further than the walls of NC.

The clubs are back in town!

Erin Davis, Photographer, Videographer
August 23, 2018
Expectations vs. Reality: Living out of district

Expectations vs. Reality: Living out of district

Elyssa Abbott, Reporter, Photographer
August 22, 2018
Administration recently issued a ban on flyers taped to the wall, installing hanging strips for clubs to promote themselves. With over 50 clubs at NC that advertise through flyers, colored paper and fallen poster clutter the halls and create additional work for janitors. The ban will reduce litter and neatly organize the signs for students, providing more easily accessible information.

NC can’t hang…

Nadya Awino, Photo Editor
January 24, 2018
Interact Club encourages NC students to donate hygiene items to the homeless, collecting donations through September 22nd in room 210. The club partnered up with MUST Ministries to provide necessary products to those in need. Several club member begin to bring in donations, filling several bags.

Interact Club partners up with MUST Ministries

Natalia Alvarez, Reporter, Photographer
September 17, 2017
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