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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Enter the fantasy world with NC’s mythology club

Rose Ordonio
NC’s Mythology Club joins the school’s extracurricular scene as its newest organization. The club fosters the ancient interests of members and allows one’s mind to run wild through the tellings of folktales and fantastical classic tales. Under the leadership of an all-magnet committee, the club expands on the international studies aspect of NC’s magnet program and seeks to invite all students to explore cultures from around the world.

As students view the variety of clubs in the NC community, numerous clubs cater to different interests within the student body. NC’s new Mythology Club brings a fantasy element to the club scene and unites lovers of the legends and folktales within the genre. The club hopes to create a space where students and mythology lovers alike can relive the imaginative ancient stories.

Founded by magnet sophomores Aundrea Brown, Malia Johnson, Ian Shrinzadeh and Sophia Joita, the four wanted to create an outlet for their mutual interest in mythology and ancient culture. The club’s leadership consisted of Brown and Johnson as co-presidents, Shrinzadeh as the treasurer and sophomore Ava Upshar and Joita as creative directors. The group saw the opportunity to share their mythological enthusiasm with other students and start a club to invite other mythical fanatics.

“There’s a lot of different mythological stories in the world and there’s some stories that people have never heard of. I feel like being in a space with people who also like mythology and know different mythical stories as you can build on your understanding [on mythology] and how the world works before social media and intercontinental travel,” Brown said.  

 The leadership board connects their international knowledge studies from NC’s magnet program to club discourses and activities. During each meeting, the club leadership committee emphasizes discussing the stories from cultures from around the world during each meeting to allow non-magnet club members to deepen their international understanding.

“In the last meeting, we did a global preliminary research activity, where sources were provided and we had to read through each of them and do an escape-room-like activity. The sources had stories from different regions around the world. We had one mythology story I remember from North Africa that involved Efik mythology. We also read some North Native American myths, some Aztec myths and aboriginal myths as well,” club member magnet sophomore Emma Ngom said.

The leadership board attributes their club becoming a reality to the club’s sponsor, Latin teacher William Browning, who has helped foster the growth of the club and guided the four through the club-making process. During the meetings, Browning adds in his comedic charm and teaches aspects of mythology. Students who take Latin with Browning can expand on the mythological knowledge taught in class and learn more about these tales in club meetings. 

“Recently in Latin class, we’ve been learning about the epic of Odysseus, and its just been so interesting. It was really interesting hearing about all the trials he faced before he was able to get home. I just wanted to read more mythological stories like that and that’s why I want to join the club,” Upshar said.

Meeting every other Tuesday in room 724, the club creates an inviting environment for members and plans to build up their involvement in the Acworth community. The leadership board has proposed an initiative for members to read at the North Cobb Regional Library and involve its members in future community service projects. For the last meeting of the semester, the club played “The Rise of the Guardians”, a movie that tells the tales of mythological characters, such as Jack Frost and Santa Claus. To add to holiday celebrations around NC, the club held a feast to indulge in treats related to their assigned mythology theme for members to enjoy before they left for the holidays.

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