African Caribbean club maps out an adventure at NC


Jessica Joachim

African Caribbean club members experience and admire the beat of the African and Caribbean music. The students gather around excitedly, chat with friends while enjoying refreshments, and prepare for the meeting to begin.

Jessica Joachim, Photographer

NC provides an open space for students to share and celebrate one another’s culture and heritage by allowing the creation of new organizations, such as the African Caribbean Club. President and junior Juliana Charles, a Haitian student, founded the African Caribbean club in March 2018 alongside her sponsor and French teacher, Archange Thelemaque. The club meets twice a month on Tuesday afternoons in Room 727 and held its first meeting on Tuesday, October 9.

After seeing comments from President Trump, Charles wanted to introduce a club to promote awareness about the beauty and culture of Haiti and other Caribbean and African nations. She aimed to educate students of NC and decided to create the African Caribbean club.

The club strives to provide insight on African and Caribbean countries and encourage diversity awareness within NC.

“I feel like our culture is not properly represented in today’s society, and I feel like we needed something that could bring us all together to appreciate the culture,” Charles said.

The club places no constraint on students not of African or Caribbean descent, allowing all NC students to join and learn about other cultures.

Jessica Joachim
Club leaders comment and reminisce on past community service projects. Members collectively discuss future events for the club with hopes of increasing involvement and outreach towards the community this year.

Club members meet in the classroom to discuss participation in events within the school, community service ideas, and potential fundraisers within the club. Members plan to increase involvement in the next few months as holiday season approaches.

Students also chatted with each other while enjoying Afro-Soca and Afro-Caribbean music—genres associated with African and Caribbean countries. The meeting also offered refreshments while members of the club brought food from their own cultures to embrace and celebrate their diverse backgrounds.  

“I joined African Caribbean Club because I wanted to be a part of an organization that celebrates diversity. I want to show that diversity is a good thing, and that we should celebrate it instead of looking down on i, and that we can all live together. I want to impact the community for the better,” junior Ana Barahona said.

Since the club’s opening, students can participate in community service events. Last year, the group contributed to Develop for Africa, a nonprofit organization improving the education and human resource development throughout Africa. Club members donated school supplies to African children, and received community service hours in return.

Jessica Joachim
Students dance enthusiastically around the front of the classroom while cleaning up and packing to go home, marking the end of the first meeting of the year. “I love hanging out with my friends and the music is really fun,” Ana Barahona said.

African Caribbean club hopes to extend their impact and activity within the upcoming school year. The club also plans to increase their community outreach around Acworth.

“I want to see us getting more involved in the community and having sponsors and hosting events,” Charles said.