Spark Drone sparks up the world of videography


Esteban Alarcon

Capturing high quality pictures up in the sky poses no challenge for the Spark Drone. From stunning sunsets to city landscapes, this drone allows pilots to explore the scenery of the world.

Esteban Alarcon, Opinions editor

With the sky as the limit, Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Company (DJI) created the Spark drone, revolutionizing the simplicity and precision of robotic videography. The novel contraption introduces functions never before seen, ranging from its compact size to the hand-gesture control mode.

“My experience with the Spark has been one of convenience, above all else. The compact design and ease-of-use is unlike any drone I’ve ever piloted,” Spark owner Chris Ventura said.

DJI placed their footprint on the drone industry with the Phantom, Mavic, and Inspire drones. Despite the impeccable technological quality offered by these drones, a price tag ranging up to $2,999 does not appeal to the average budget. The Chinese tech company addressed this financial issue with the Spark’s $399 cost. This drone serves as an ideal tool for users looking to capture moments from the air without investing thousands of dollars into equipment.

The Spark drone represents the 21st century innovation with its unique capabilities that enhance the experience and quality of capture. Though navigable with a smart phone or remote control, this drone can operate with only hand motions from the pilot. Commence take off from the palm; the drone will identify and follow the pilot, tracking its hand signals that can direct flight and even command a photograph. Such a feature exhibits the Spark’s user-friendly compatibility that intrigues customers.

“The unique feature really sets you up for an amazing, convenient experience,” Ventura said.

With the Spark’s handy capabilities comes the conveniently compact size. Athletes and videographers alike find themselves on the go―no time nor room to deal with a bulky camera setup. The Spark drone securely fits in a standard backpack and can takeoff and land from the owner’s hand.

“The lightweight design has eliminated the chore of lugging your hardware, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the production… [the Spark] liberates drone pilots from being bogged down by high maintenance technical nuances without compromising footage quality, intelligent features and flight duration,” Ventura said.

Such promising features of the Spark drone certainly outweigh its only faulty quality: short battery life. With approximately 16 minutes of flight time, the battery duration limits the opportunity to capture desired shots. Simply purchasing multiple $50 batteries allows for extended time in the air, providing more footage.

As an avid drone pilot that likes to capture shots quickly and easily, I enjoy the Spark drone and use it to the best of its abilities. This device allow me to mount my longboard, boat, or car with minimal luggage and grab quick shots that result in quality videos.

DJI provides this high caliber product that appeals to videographers looking to engage in this new technology without complications and hefty finances. The Spark drone serves as a pocket-sized explorer that encourages users to capture and embrace the beauty of the world.

The Chant’s Grade: A+