What to do in Georgia for fall


Morgan Brown

Feel the fall this season as pumpkins sprout and the spooks come out. Make the most of autumn with The Chant’s guide to falling in love with Georgia. Chances to find fun arise every weekend with new events all centered around fall, even in the unpredictable and unseasonably warm weather.

Morgan Brown, Reporter, Photographer

With October in full swing, America’s obsession with autumn begins with stores stocking pumpkin-spice flavored everything. Georgia, however, lags behind the rush. As temperatures still soar into the 80s, fall does not feel quite ‘fall’ yet.

Enjoyable ways to start the season off right begins in the home. Home-bodies know the joys of burning scented candles all too well, finding any excuse to cuddle up in a blanket and start binge-watching TV shows. But in and around Georgia, endless autumnal activities pop up around this spooky season.

October Dates:

For apple lovers: Annual Georgia Apple festival: October 21 – 22

Ellijay, Georgia kicks off its 46th Annual Apple and Crafts Festival, with over 300 vendors and plenty of apples, the festival welcomes people of all ages.

Sunflower Field:

Fausett Farms: All growing season

This Dawsonville family owned and operated farm shows off the beauty of fall, friends, and family. The continuous rows of sunflowers in full bloom makes for beautiful pictures and sights.

Halloween Themed:

Little 5 Points Halloween Festival and Parade: October 21

The Little 5 Points community welcomes their own Halloween themed parade. Live music and plenty of food fill the streets and bring new life to the already upbeat area.

Owl-O-Ween: October 27- 28

Hot air balloons parade in the air at Kennesaw State University’s festival. Music and food make the festival enjoyable and fun for the whole family.

Fright Fest: Ongoing, ends October 31

Six Flags welcomes its spookiest attractions for the spookiest month of year. Thrills and scares breathe new life into the regular Six Flags experience.  New Halloween themed attractions titled “Camp Slasher” and “Mariner’s Cove” bring a spin to the annual Fright Fest.

Haunted Houses:

Haunted Halloween: October 20

Atlanta History Center opens its doors for a day filled with fright. The history museum brings the novel Alice in Wonderland to the center with a Red Queen themed room and  Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. For people who prefer more casual scares, the museum shows some Halloween-themed movies as well.

Netherworld: All of October until November 5

The fabled and much loved Atlanta Haunted House, Netherworld, reopened to the public for the spooky season with its endless scares. An Atlanta favorite, Netherworld never disappoints. This year, their last year in Norcross, brings an end to an area with the themes “Primal Scream” and “Mr. Grendel’s Fun House of Horrors.” Next year, Netherworld will relocate to Stone Mountain.

13 Stories: All of October and until November 4

With level upon level of scares, 13 Stories, another Atlanta favorite, stays frightening from start to finish. First, all that enter must sign the “sacrifice waiver” for the zombie and human sacrifice themed production and prepare themselves for the worst.

Nightmare’s Gate: Every weekend until October 30 and 31

Infection themed, the creepy hospital setting promises a classic scare with the addition of a zombie outbreak. Although not a haunted house for the weak hearted, it promises a spooky-fun time for anyone willing to try.

This list only contains a number things in and around the Atlanta area for this season, but for all those wanting more, checking the Atlanta calendar and making some quick Google searches can lead to endless activities and possibilities year-round—not just in fall.