Dua Lipa rules out the competition with #NewRules


Isabella Keaton

Students listen to Dua Lipa in awe of her voice and iconic lyrics. Lipa, viewed as a role model, racks up 723 million views on her YouTube music video. Admired by many, she continues to climb to the top of the recording charts in several countries.

Isabella Keaton, Reporter

Dua Lipa, twenty-one-year-old English singer, songwriter, and model, skyrockets her career with her latest album, and the drop of the song “New Rules.” At age eighteen, Dua Lipa signed with Warner Bros. Records and released her first single “New Love” just before turning twenty. Since then, she quickly rose to the top of the recording world and gained top chart placement in twenty-one countries.

Lipa’s song “New Rules,” which received 723 million views on YouTube, surprises listeners with her unexpected voice. Compared to Amy Winehouse in V Magazine, Lipa’s deep, rich voice leaves listeners wanting more.

“I think Dua Lipa has a very unexpected voice. Looking at her, I would have never guessed that that was what I was going to hear. It’s so smooth and enticing, and it’s difficult for female artists to have this kind of depth to their voice,” NC senior Jordan Hicks said.

Lipa’s song gives off a new type of sound along with her sensational voice. The music and backup vocals create a mysterious theme until the chorus stops the mood and leads into Lipa listing her new rules for handling ex-boyfriends.

After the chorus of the song, the music drops and Lipa sings the lyrics “I’ve got new rules, I count ’em multiple times.” Unlike other pop singers who try to recreate this drop-effect, Lipa places a drop in her music that does not make the music too dramatic, fitting perfectly with the rest of the tune.

Not only a musical masterpiece, the song gives relationship advice to all the women of the world. Lipa recognizes a bad relationship and sets her own rules for herself and others. In “New Rules,” she lists the three crucial rules: do not pick up the phone, do not let him in, and do not be his friend.

Isabella Keaton
Photo taken by Pawel Ptak from FACT, modified by Isabella Keaton.

Lipa, acting as a role model and taking control, states in the song that the rules take practice with the lyrics “I’m still tryna’ learn it by heart/Eat, sleep, and breathe it/ Rehearse and repeat it.” She effectively provides amazing advice, while also releasing a perfect song to jam to.

“I adore Dua Lipa and her new rules. This song is something I would totally jam out to in the car or with my girlfriends,” junior Mary Catherine Toth said.

While listeners adore Lipa’s song, the music video creates a less attractive point of view. Lipa’s music video appears too mediocre for the amazing sound quality. The choreography looks forced, and the way the other actors move does not look natural. The story line also confuses viewers because Lipa originally starts as the person learning the rules, but finishes the music video telling the rules to another actor. The concept, good in theory, made the video hard to keep up with visually.

“Watching the music video made me think that they lost funding for it,” Hicks said.

Overall, Lipa effectively gives away great advice in the lines of her song while creating an amazing breakup soundtrack. At such a young age, dominating the global recording world seems impossible, but it comes like a breeze for Lipa. Although a mediocre music video, the song continues to please audiences.

The Chant’s Grade: A+