Hot yoga: A new way to stay warm this winter


Tara Anastasoff

Yoga, a 5,000 year old practice, originated in ancient India. Hot yoga, however, began gaining recognition in the early 1970s. Also known as Bikram yoga, the practice continues to appeal to today’s health-focused generation.

Tara Anastasoff, Editor in Chief

With this generation becoming more and more concerned about their health and well-being, teenagers and young adults continue to find more ways to reach out into their communities and display a more active lifestyle.

“Hot yoga made me feel at peace during a time of stress from school and life. The ambiance and environment allowed me to clear my mind and focus on my health,” junior and novice yogi Harrison Haley said.

Yoga, an exercise praised by people looking for lighter body movements and relaxation, allows one to connect with their body and mind. Typically, beginner yogis expect a low-sweat workout, but borderline insane yogis have turned up the heat— literally. Hot yoga possesses the same basic moves and poses as any normal yoga practice, except at about 85-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Not for the faint of heart, hot yoga warms up the body and allows muscles to more easily loosen due to the high temperatures.

Multiple yoga studios across the Metro-Atlanta area offer hot yoga classes, but Hot Yoga Kennesaw and BeYoga offer classes at accessible locations for people in the Kennesaw-Acworth-Marietta area. Both yoga studios exude positive, relaxing vibes, but each location possesses different qualities.

BeYoga, located at Church Street on Marietta Square, combines with Updog Juices, who offer a wide range of juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. The location feels welcoming, and the two studios appeal to the eyes of customers. Their natural lighting and clean, brick interior makes it easy for an individual to feel at peace. BeYoga holds drop-in classes every Friday at 5pm, Saturday at 1pm, and Sunday at 4pm. Interested yogis can sign up for classes online, where the website lists instructors and class descriptions. Each community hot yoga drop-in class costs just $6 out of one’s pocket and features at least an hour of yoga poses and hot vinyasas.

At Hot Yoga Kennesaw, located on Cherokee Street, the yoga studio specializes in hot yoga classes. With a dimly-lit, ambient studio and instrumental music playing throughout the yoga session, entering a relaxing headspace becomes easy for the individual. The price of a normal drop-in class costs $15, but with a valid student ID, the price drops to $12. Each class runs at least an hour long and leaves the individual drenched in sweat but feeling rejuvenated.

“I felt like I was given a fresh start to the rest of the week,” Haley said.

Instead of curling up with a warm blanket and a mug of hot chocolate by the fire this chilly winter season, try stretching an arm out into the hot yoga community and starting the new year off on an active foot.