Interact Club takes on the High Museum


Sandy Dang

In a line with another permanent exhibits posed seniors Sarah Smith, Ruthie Southall, Mackenzie Sicard, Parris Waller, and Rebekah Cheshier.

Sandy Dang, Reporter

As a reward for their hard work and dedication to the club throughout the year, the Interact Club took a field trip to the High Museum in Atlanta on Wednesday, February 7. Twenty-seven junior and senior students, along with NC psychology teacher and Interact Club sponsor William Hargis, engineering and technology teacher Adam Cogbill, Current Issues and World Geography teacher, Nishmin Porbandarwala, and NC Magnet support clerk Ann Ellis visited the museum.

Sandy Dang
The Interact Club’s junior and senior members lined up alongside each other with their sponsors inside the High Museum.

“The field trip was to reward my Interact students for their hard work during Cobb Christmas, Pennies for Patients, and other fundraisers we do throughout the year. I thought it would be an educational and fun experience for my students,” Hargis said.

They boarded the school bus early rainy Wednesday morning and started their venture towards Atlanta and the High Museum. Students and the chaperones enjoyed the art exhibits and captured many pictures alongside some of the museum’s most well-known exhibits. The group spent the majority of the day wandering through the museum and taking in the beauty of the exhibits while learning about the history of each art piece.

“There were some traveling exhibits on the Civil Rights movement-exhibits on Martin Luther King Jr., [and] we also learned about African art. We learned about contemporary art and the different genres of art,” Hargis said.

Having spent their time at the museum, the group climbed back on the bus and headed to The Varsity for their lunch, a classic Atlanta field trip restaurant. After their lunch, they boarded the bus to head back to NC.

“It was fun to walk around and take in all of the exhibits and hang out and take pictures with your friends—and get to celebrate all that we have accomplish this year. It was like a reward for the people who have contributed to the club over the past year,” senior Sarah Punch said.