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Sandy Dang, Reporter

Sandy Dang is a senior at NCHS. She joined The Chant this year because "I like writing but I love creative writing with my own terms on my own topics that I feel strongly about. I love the past-faced environment."

Social problems, like the recent Logan Paul incident, and things that are broader like race, body image, debate-worthy discussions led her to pursue writing as an outlet for topics. Dang has a deep background in business and student government, and it runs in her family. She loves anything fast-paced where things are due, and she likes to be organized and put passion projects forward.

She is currently working on the For the Kids dance marathon for GA Tech, which raises money for Children's Hospital of Atlanta. The North Cobb smaller version one is community-wide that only lasts for 3 hours, but the GA Tech lasts for 10 hours.

People come to Dang to do graphics: "My uncle does graphics for his company, and that's how I got into it. I watched YouTube and learned. There are so many free versions of apps on the iPhone. Basic photoshop, whatever I can find when I need it," Dang said.

Dang plans to major in international business affairs and minor in criminology at Oglethorpe after graduation. A strong advocate for mental illness and health, Dang bases a lot of her articles and passions about awareness of mental health.

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