Hoopcoming dress up week wrap-up


Sandy Dang

Juniors Chike Azuzu and Zion Fitch dress in their best 70s attire for Hoopcoming spirit week.

Sandy Dang, Public Relations, Reporter

NC traveled back in time for their annual Hoopcoming dress up week in recognition of the basketball team. They took a retro walk down memory lane through the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. Throughout the week, the school filled with students and faculty participating in the dress up days.


Senior Chloe Petersen dressed in vintage 50s attire, adorning herself with a light blue blouse and a pale pink scarf around her neck. To add to the look, Peterson styled her hair in a signature 50’s pin-up. Freshman math teacher Katie Morris wore a black dress based off of the classic housewife attire and paired it with a brightly patterned apron. Alongside Morris, freshman math teacher Ms. Ashley Watson donned a spring-like dress with a green and white floral pattern and the classic pairing of a pearl necklace. Sophomore Priscilla Petersen shot for the 50s look by raiding her mother’s closet and wearing a bright floral skirt, pairing it with a gray cardigan over a black top with yet another classic pearl necklace.

“If anyone asks, yes I am Elvis’s wife, Priscilla Presley,” Petersen said.

Senior Makayla Pacol opted for a darker color scheme for 50s day. Her outfit consisted of all vintage items, from her black blouse to her patterned trousers. She tied the look together with a bright and timeless red lip, along with a black handkerchief arranged with a bow on top her head.



Sophomores Priscilla Petersen and Alicia Torres held up peace signs while wearing their 70s outfits. Petersen wore her mother’s yellow poncho with a pair of orange circle sunglasses. Torres wore a denim jacket, decorated with a colorful button. Underneath the jacket, she wore a pale yellow shirt with a beaded pink necklace.

Juniors Kelsey Dotson and Zion Fitch, along with sophomore Priscilla Petersen, posed in front of the brick wall in their 60s-inspired outfits. Dotson wore colorful flowy pants with a graphic yellow tee paired with an oversized light-washed denim jacket. Fitch aimed for the Black Panther look with an all black affair and dark aviator sunglasses.


Seniors Chloe Petersen and Zorae Tomlin wore brightly colored windbreaker jackets for their 80s day looks. Petersen paired her jacket with crimped voluminous hair and a hot pink scrunchie. Underneath her jacket, she wore a hot pink shirt to match her scrunchie. Tomlin accessorized her outfit with a vintage Polaroid camera around her neck.

Senior Grant Mark wore a darker colored windbreaker jacket with a classic gray tee underneath. Along with his windbreaker, he wore a pair of blue and white futuristic sunglasses for a true 80s look.


Seniors Carleigh Futral and Najda Sahovic went in two different directions for 90s day. Futral channeled a more playful look with loose fitting overalls and a tie-dye long sleeve tee, which she paired with patterned socks and black hightop converse. Sahovic, on the other hand, went for a more mature and grunge look, dressing in ripped high-waisted boyfriend jeans and fishnet tights underneath, along with a long sleeve tan top and white sneakers.

Juniors Chike Azuzu, Rola Goke-Pariola and Zion Fitch posed against the railing in their classic 90s outfits. Azuzu wore a yellow and navy Nike top with denim jeans and white sneakers. Goke-Pariola wore a denim jacket and jeans that she paired with a black graphic tee. Fitch dressed in light-wash denim jeans and a gray and green windbreaker, layering a navy blue polo underneath.