The Chant

NC students celebrate their Hoopcoming week as they dressed comfortably against the wet and rainy day in their pajamas . They support their basketball team while feeling comfy. “Today is pajama day, so I decided to participate. It's just fun because it's nice to be all cozy at school,” sophomore Lauren Sloan said.

PJ day for Hoopcoming

January 23, 2020

 Tribal Connections (TC) hosted their annual Hoopcoming pep rally in the Arena on Friday, February 2. Students excitedly showed their Warrior spirit as they prepared for the basketball game against school rival Kennesaw Mountain. NC students cheered on the basketball players and showed their support for the upcoming game. Students also flaunted their own moves during TC’s Shoot your Shot activity, where hopeful romantics could aim for the basket in hopes of receiving a box of chocolates and a rose to give to their crush.

Go team!

February 1, 2019

	Students came decked out in their best “Frat boy” costumes on Thursday, January 31. With  their last ever Hoopcoming week coming to a close, seniors James Craig and Emily LaPierre took their outfits to the next level, “Lots of people think Hoopcoming is kind of boring, which is why you just have to go for it so you can make it more entertaining. I do not want to graduate and not be able to say I participated in stuff like this, so I whipped out my khakis and drew a fake beard,” LaPierre said.

Frat boys take over NC

January 31, 2019

Hip hopping into Hoopcoming

Senior Turner Markwalter and junior Zion Fitch hosted the annual Hoopcoming pep rally.

Jayden Stabler, Reporter

February 12, 2018

NC seniors Nick Edwards, Chloe Petersen, and Zorae Tomlin celebrate Hoopcoming week by breaking out the denim and funky colors for 90’s day. With the 90’s trends coming back into style, students had no trouble finding the perfect look.

The 90’s are All That!

February 1, 2018

Twisting and hair spraying her updo to fit the 50s look, senior Chloe Petersen impressed her classmates with her fabulous look for NC’s Hoopcoming dress-up week. From her shoes to the scarf on her neck, she masters the 50s style and prepares for later dates this week.

Pin it up

January 29, 2018

Hoop-coming king Andre Robinson greets crowd at pep rally before being crowned.

King of his court

January 26, 2017

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.