With fall break approaching, how will students spend time off?


Arsheen Kour

“Me and my friend are going to Hilton Head, and I’m really excited,” senior Melissa Kelsey says.

Arsheen Kour, Reporter

A week off mid September allows students to kick back and vacation. This year, Warriors plan to spend their break memorably. Whether vacationing in the Cayman Islands or applying to colleges, Warriors will enjoy the time off.

The upcoming September break, which starts tomorrow afternoon and returns Monday, September 22, seems like the perfect time to vacation out of state or just to relax at home.

“My family and I are planning to vacation in California,” senior Molly Cooper says, as she prepares for her trip by researching various attractions in California.

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Over the break, Atlanta’s favorite music festival returns, and a few Warriors plan to attend the event. “We’re going to see our favorite artists in Music Midtown,” sophomores and best friends Eunice Ngata and Mckenzie Union said.

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Georgia provides pleasant vacationing spots for just about everyone. “My family and I are renting a cabin and vacationing in the north Georgia mountains,” Greyson Puckett said with his plans to get ready to explore the great outdoors.

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Some students have other plans besides vacationing. “Over the break, I’ll be applying to colleges and going on various college tours,” senior Jazeri Comstock said.

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Who says that the beach is only for Summer? Vacationing at the beach during fall might feel better than getting sun burnt in the dead heat of summer’s end. “My family and I are going to Fort Walton beach,” freshman Hallie Settle said.

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Beaches serve as the perfect vacation spot, regardless of whether visiting out of the country or spending time at a local coast. “My family and I are going to the Bahamas. I’ll miss my friends, but I’ll see them when I come back,” freshman DJ Duarte stated.

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Why not go experience a whole new culture over fall break? “I’m excited to go to Mexico over fall break and I can’t wait to try new foods,” freshman Daniel Bowie said.


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Arsheen Kour

The perfect vacation would definitely include one with friends. “I’m going on a call church retreat to Alabama. We’re camping out, and it’s going to be a good time,” junior Melissa Hines said, excited to spend quality time with fellow church goers.