Local Southeast colleges visit NC’s campus


Naoshin Kaiser

Students and parents took their seats as the representatives from the schools held a question and answer session in NC’s Performing Arts center. The audience eagerly awaits the representatives from Georgia State University, Georgia College, Kennesaw State University, Georgia Highlands, University of Alabama, University of North Georgia and Chattahoochee Technical College.

Elyssa Abbott, Reporter

The stress of college applications started well before the school year commenced when after visiting colleges over the summer and during their junior year, seniors ranked their favorite schools before readying themselves for the application process. NC provides numerous outings for prospective college students to explore possibilities for their futures. Colleges from around the country began visiting NC’s juniors and seniors on  August 24 . For unsure students, NC’s college panel night provided an opportunity for students to differentiate between seven schools in Georgia and Alabama on September 19.

“I had questions about what [test] scores are required, housing, and financial aid,” senior Jimmy Logan said.

Naoshin Kaiser
University of Alabama representative Andrew Morrison eagerly waits for parents and students to approach him with questions about the school.

The schools that brought representatives to answer questions included Kennesaw State University, Georgia State University, University of Alabama, Georgia Highlands, University of North Georgia, Georgia College, and Chattahoochee Technical College. Representatives allowed students and parents to approach with personal questions. NC provided a handout with a list of possible questions for families to ask the college representative ranging from minimum test scores for admission to housing options.

“I am specifically interested in how good a school’s medical program is,” senior Teni Omisore said.

The colleges that held higher interest to the group gathered included Kennesaw State University and Georgia State University. Although not a favorite, Chattahoochee Technical College’s table never emptied because of the juniors interested in their dual enrollment program.

Before entering the Performing Arts center for the question and answer session, students seemed apprehensive and stressed because of the millions of questions floating around in their minds. The structure of the panel let students compare scores, tuition, and amenities of the different schools. A student or parent asked a question, and then each representative took the chance to answer. Students could learn about popular majors offered at each school, which quickly helped rule out schools.

“I hope to get more information to expand my options of where to apply,” Omisore said.

The countdown begins for seniors as deadlines quickly approach for those early decision applications. The options narrow daily as students decide which schools interest them most.