“Wear it” out

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“Wear it” out

Naoshin Kaiser, Photographer

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According to a study conducted by The New York Times, humans meet about 600  people in a lifetime that they remember. About 1/75th of those people actually end up associating as friends. But can the way one dresses actually affect if those people later evolve into friends?

“I don’t think my style has affected who I hang out with, but if my friends dressed the way I did or had a unique style themselves I’d definitely appreciate it,” sophomore Jace Cortez said.

Cortez describes her style as trendy and fashion-forward. She dresses as she pleases depending on her mood. She loves to make a statement and wear bold outfits that showcase her fashion style. When it comes to making friends, Cortez feels

her style does not affect the people she hangs out with. Her appreciation for fashion sets her apart from her friend group in a unique way, but she feels her style can make her seem intimidating to other people.

“People think because I wear bold outfits and I’m rude because I’m ‘overconfident.’ I believe that confidence is what makes an outfit, and being bold doesn’t make me rude. I promise I’m nice,” Cortez said.

(photograph insets courtesy of Jaylon via @jacex1010)
This collection of Cortez’s outfits display her bold clothing choices with three of her favorites being modeled. Despite her differences she embraces her uniqueness.

From a young age, parents often tell their children not to judge a book by its cover. This saying encourages children to make friends based off the character of a person and not their looks. Because Cortez’s style may seem intimidating, her peers may quickly base their opinions on her surface style, rather than knowing her personality. This quick judgement leads peers to create assumptions about her, without ever truly getting know her and learning that she is just a girl with a passion for fashion.

Cortez’s bold fashion taste sets her apart from her friend group in a unique way. Her fashion choices inspires her friends to step out of their comfort zones, whether in fashion or life in general.

“Learning the importance of not caring  about other people’s opinion, is important in the basis of fashion.” Cortez sais.   

Style evolves as new fashion trends hit the media world consistently.  Trendsetters from media platforms such as Vogue and People inspire younger generations to follow the trends. Cortez exhibits those traits, not afraid to try the fashion craze and wear it proudly. Her extravagant style makes her presentation admirable, and represents her personality all in one.

Naoshin Kasier
Rachel Zoe uses this quote to explain that a person’s style can say plenty about them without having to specifically explain oneself and one’s personality.

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