The truth about Petland: Part 2


Tara Anastasoff

Petland, one of the pet stores in the Kennesaw/Acworth area, faced yet another scandal for poor treatment of the puppies and animals in their care.

Nati Duron and Rachel Maxwell

A devastating report hit the presses concerning the Petland store located in Kennesaw where a puppy, found dead in a plastic bag, turned up in the shop’s freezer last December. An undercover employee from the National Humane Society found the pup after finishing their annual investigations, and proceeded to find another dead puppy in a Las Vegas Petland store. The investigation concluded as one undercover National Humane Society employee exposed Petland in a seven-page report, shocking local residents.

Although still open after 51 years, Petland holds a reputation for not caring for their pets. Allegedly, the company buys from puppy mills, an inhumane place that breeds puppies and stores animals in enclosed and overcrowded spaces. Dogs in these mills barely survive, and if they do manage to withstand the journey to a Petland store, they frequently pass away or become sick shortly after arrival.

In their deeply investigative and thorough report, National Humane Society explained the shocking details found at the Petland store. They discovered that veterinarian examinations for the store’s animals lasted about 15 seconds, meaning most dogs never received inspections thorough enough to ensure healthiness. Also, an outbreak of the Campylobacter disease that originated from the puppies infected about 100 people, including one employee, who became dangerously ill in February of 2018.

Having previously written on the horrors awaiting animals in Petland stores and determined to gain further information on the scandal, The Chant contacted the Kennesaw Petland requesting their side of the story. Still stunned, journalists provided an email in order to set up an interview. The Chant emailed Petland with the opportunity to share their side of the incident. Clearly uninterested in any type of interview or further contact, the employee simply copy and pasted Petland representative Elizabeth Kunzelman’s statement to AJC in response.

National Humane Society continues to discover evidence of Petland’s cruelty through regular reports and investigations. The tragic news helped further expose the truth about Petland, drawing customers of the store to support Humane Society. If Petland continues the same heinous actions, the company may eventually shut down due to protests and boycotts from animal lovers. National Humane Society’s goal remains to raise more awareness for animal rights and expose those who violate them. All animals deserve the right to a happy and healthy life, and Petland must take it upon themselves to ensure that for their animals.