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Nati Duron
Nati Duron, a senior at NC, is a videographer and reporter for The Chant, likes to write about saving dogs from Petland and make videos about conspiracies. Newspaper serves as her outlet for writing, and she feels so lucky to be a part of such a great class. As her final year of high school starts to unravel, she wishes to succeed academically and in Journalism.

Videography has always inspired Nati; the way stories come to life makes her want to videotape everything. Along with videos, Nati finds that writing is a passion. From poetry to journal entries, Nati feels everything felt, said, or imagined must be documented.

Music is very important to Nati. Each day she jams to her favorite artists Lana Del Rey and Paramore and even likes to relax and listen to Tchaikovsky. Seventies music, including Led Zeppelin and ABBA, though an odd contrast, appeal to Nati and she loves jamming to rock and “hippie” music.

Always next to Nati is her best friend Rachel. Both of them love journalism, and it is a dream that they pursue it in their careers. The two of them have made lifelong friendships in Newspaper, and they could not feel more blessed because of it.

Expect coverage on pop culture and conspiracies from Nati, and the ideas she will bring to The Chant will help her strive to be the best reporter she can be.

Nati Duron, Videographer/reporter

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Nati Duron