Annual NC family day wows community


Nati Duron

NC’s Band holds annual Family Day Saturday, August 5th.

Shannon Rapp, Entertainment Editor

NC’s marching band held its annual Family Day performance on Saturday, August 5, that took place on the NC football field. As the season commences, students took the chance to provide parents a glimpse into their new show, EmBELLished.

“I have only been part of the North Cobb marching band for two seasons, but it has changed my life. I’ll cherish the memories I’ve made on family day and the ones I’ll make throughout the season.” Senior color guard member Keara Rodriguez said.

Rachel Maxwell
The Marching Band family shows the NC community how close they truly became over the years by singing and dancing together before the show.

Students spent six hours perfecting the opening act of the show, as well as the musical aspects of the second act. Friends and family arrived around six in the evening, and the boosters served a meal provided by Publix Deli.

Students then gathered to practice their yearly rituals of dancing the Hokie Pokie, singing “Lean on Me,” and team-bonding activities.  

“Band means so much to me because I wouldn’t have as many friends as I do without it. They make me realize the friends and relationships you can make through a program such as this one,” junior vibraphone player Shelby Ruhl said.

Sheldon Frazier, head band director, began the night by explaining the intense work students endured at band camp, such as learning how to march and play at the same time. Following his introduction, the band displayed a basic marching block, while the color guard performed a routine that displayed all they learned at camp. The band concluded their performance by presenting the first act of their show, EmBELLished twice, then continued with their second act.

Rachel Maxwell
NC’s Band and Color Guard shows off 2 weeks of hard work by giving the families a sneak peak of this upcoming season’s show.

“The improvement from day one of practice to that show [family day performance] was absolutely phenomenal. I think that’s the best the band has been ready for family day—ever,” Color guard sponsor Renee Brown said.