10 years into the future…where do you see yourself?


Nati Duron

Finding a passion and purpose in life becomes difficult when emerging into adulthood, but seniors at NC own their vision of what the future could look like. When Smoke Signals (the precursor to The Chant) published an article discussing the same content in 1987, many of those senior guesses involved marriage or entrance into the workforce. Now in 2019, seniors at NC see themselves predominantly working and focusing on self-growth. The difference demonstrates how staggering the change in ambition has become for high school seniors.

Nati Duron, Reporter, Photographer

In a recent The Chant survey, the staff asked themselves and seniors at NC to visualize their future, precisely the next ten years. 

Kaitlyn DeJesus: I want to be pursuing a career-I don’t know what yet-but living a financially stable and happy life.

Priyanka Patel: Hopefully with a good man and a child, having a masters in business while working for an important company, and deciding if I want to be a lawyer.

Claire Vance: I see myself graduated from college, teaching as a profession, married, with two kids.

Anna Vickery: Either starting a nursing career or about to finish medical school.

Nation Moore: Travelling the world learning other cultures and searching for financial freedom.

Josh Jenkins: At least working on my first major production. Be it an independent film or with a big company; I feel like by the time I’m 28 I’ll be at least starting on it.

Brodie Jones: I see myself being financially successful working in the airline or hotel industry and still sending memes to Nati Duron.

Rachel Maxwell: Either alive or selling my mind to the Russians. And working with kids.

Tara Anastasoff: Out of Georgia working in a creative field like for a magazine, makeup, or clothing brand.

Morgan Brown: Owning a tiny house in the woods, writing novels, and destroying other people’s sentences via editing.

Jacob Tutterow: Living in some odd city doing a postdoc and hating most professors.

Harrison Glaze: Frantically searching for employment in the declining academic job market.

Nina Hursit: Working as a dentist or a dermatologist.

Esteban Alarcon: Getting residency for oral maxillofacial surgery.

Ashlyn Daughenbaugh: A lead engineer at a corporation designing new forms of clean energy & determining how they can be implemented to reduce emissions by corporations. I would love to be married & be able to travel to see the world while I still can. I want to be able to start making a difference earlier so it can have a bigger impact on our planet.

Brandon Ponder: Doing a job as a career.

Frank Dominguez: Living in San Antonio, Texas, working as a manager at a construction company.

Betzy Zapata: In ten years I see myself having a stable job, maybe as a police officer or anything in law. I hope I am starting to apply to work for the FBI. I see myself married or engaged, and if married I see myself with kids. But most importantly in ten years, I see myself helping people, the community, kids, just helping anyone in any way I can.

Lucas Magalhães: Travelling and possibly living in Japan while enjoying my life doing computer science or linguistics.

Katelyn Tillis: Painting and living on the beach in a different country.

Benji Josephs: In ten years I see myself out of school and running our family business with my oldest brother.

Donovan Schumpert: Being happy and healthy and working toward a successful life.

Brittany Aguilar: Genuinely happy with my dream job of being an elementary teacher.

Nati Duron: Writing for TIME or LIFE about psychology while still trying to shutdown Petland.

The article inspiration comes from a 1987 piece published by Smoke Signals, NC’s newspaper at the time.