A series of wins and losses leads to flaring tempers on the lax field


Isabella Keaton

NC boys Varsity lacrosse, now with a 3-3 region record, prepares to play Sequoyah high school on their turf on Tuesday, March 19. The boys plan to practice to improve their record and increase their chances of gaining a spot in the playoffs.

Isabella Keaton, Features Editor

NC boys Warrior Varsity lacrosse recently played three games against North Paulding High School, Carrollton High School, and Dalton High School. Although their region record now sits at 3-3 after two losses, NC beat Dalton on Dalton’s home turf 11-8.

The Warriors played an aggressive game against the Dalton High School Catamounts on Friday, March 1. After the referees made a difficult call on a goal for Dalton that bounced out of the net, the Catamounts would not let their guard down as the Warriors dominated the scoreboard.

“We played well in the first half, but found reassurance in the second half where we rallied as a team to put up three major goals that led our team to success,” senior attack player Zach Hall said.

Dalton became more aggressive as the game shifted into the fourth quarter, and the Catamounts earned six penalties during this 12-minute period. From illegal slashes to inappropriate conduct, the Catamounts continued to bad mouth the Warriors and the referees.

During the last six minutes of the game, Dalton players began dropping their sticks while trying to instigate a fight on the field. Head Coach John Almy quickly put a stop to the arguing, and Dalton’s Head Coach Brian Maskarinec worked to diffuse the situation by holding back his player, number 10, from physically engaging an NC Warrior.

“The referees made some bad calls, but we made sure we kept composure as a team because we knew our common goal of winning was way more important than letting the other team get the best of us,” Hall said.

After an eventful play on the field, Dalton’s number 10 continued to back-talk the referees and inappropriately yell at the Warriors. With a minute and 45 seconds left on the clock, Dalton number 10 faced official ejection from the game and the Warriors celebrated their eventful win against Dalton high school.

“Overall, we got a team win and we also placed an emphasis on team chemistry and motives, “ Hall said.

The Warriors then played North Paulding High School on Tuesday, March 12 and Carrollton High School on Friday, March 15. The boys lost their way as North Paulding defeated them 17-1—with the one goal from junior Ryan Getz—however, they managed to put in more goals at their Carrollton game when they lost 13-4.

The team will proceed to work on ground ball and defensive skills at practice, as well as stick skills that everyone needs to improve upon. The team now prepares to take on Sequoyah high school tonight, Tuesday, March 19.