Upcoming season closer for boys’ lacrosse


Isabella Keaton

The NC varsity boys’ lacrosse season will end after their last game against Cherokee High School on Friday, April 26. The team plans for and expects to finish out the season with a strong win against Cherokee. During this last game underclassmen will play on the field with their senior teammates for the last time.

Isabella Keaton, Features Editor

After a year of hard practices and difficult games, the NC boys varsity and junior varsity seasons end with their last game against Cherokee High School this Friday, April 26.

“It is sad that the season is coming to an end. We started off very strong and we faced some adversity along the way. We played some great teams mid-season and some other teams that were a test to our strength as a core. We plan to finish off the season strong and give a farewell to our seniors,” senior attack player Zach Hall said.

The Warriors suffered a rough season, as they lost many games, but they continued to work hard and persevere. The team worked to try and build confidence on the field and with stick skills, but even so, after their region changed from last year, an abundance of games ended in the red.

The team recently faced a major loss against Etowah High School on Monday, April 22. The game concluded with a score of 22-1. Players anticipated a loss from the game since Etowah remains as a leading school in lacrosse, but the 21 point difference still hurt the players’ morale.

Although losses take a toll on the team, sometimes the season does not revolve around the wins. This year, varsity lacrosse bonded while playing together as they worked through their own struggles and helped younger players. The team focused on training freshman and sophomore players as they gear up for their future in lacrosse. Hall served as a role model to younger players including junior midfielder Ryan Getz and sophomore midfielder Trent Nolen.

“Playing with all my teammates has been a great experience, however, building a connection with my teammates and having a lasting impact on them is one of my favorite parts of being on the team. I not only want to leave my own legacy behind but also give the future of NC lacrosse a foundation to build off of and ensure success for the teams to come,” Hall said.

Despite the numerous losses NC faced this year, they triumphed in the senior night game against The Walker School on Thursday, April 11. The team worked together as they struggled a back-and-forth battle. As the goals went in one at a time on the field, NC finally received the upper hand during the last couple of minutes on the field.

The players will practice during the week until their last game comes on Friday. For many seniors, this is the last time they will play on a lacrosse field and for others, it will only begin the rest of their career, but together they will push through and focus on the playing field.