5 Valentine’s Day date ideas


Janett Rodriguez

Each year on February 14, friends, spouses and partners spend time together on this holiday by enjoying each other’s company. They gather together to celebrate the day of love, affection and friendship. This special day allows people to appreciate their significant others and express their love for them through chocolates, teddy bears and memorable date ideas.

Janett Rodriguez, Copy Editor

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Target and other retail stores have started stocking up on chocolates, flowers, cards and teddy bears. This special time of the year brings partners and admirers together to celebrate this day of love, affection and friendship. Whether you spend this day with a friend, significant other or yourself, everyone deserves a special day filled with romantic love, friendship or self-love. These five date ideas will alleviate any stress when planning for the perfect Valentine’s Day date.

Cook-off competition

Instead of taking your partner out to an expensive dinner, cooking at home will not only save you money but allow more bonding time with your partner. Try cooking up each other’s favorite dishes and compete with one another to see which dish can top the other; after all, a plate of homemade spaghetti and meatballs will always beat the price of an overpriced steak.

Enjoy fast-food specials

In honor of this special time of year, fast-food chains have started to promote their annual heart-themed merchandise. Chick-fil-A recently started advertising a 30-count Chick-fil-A Nuggets, a 10-count Chick-n-Minis or a six-count Chocolate Chunk Cookies, all sold in a cute heart-shaped container. To satisfy your sweet tooth, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ Donuts display heart-shaped donuts decorated with pink and red frosting with sprinkles. Enjoy a night in with friends, a partner, or yourself by indulging in these sweet and savory treats.

Prepare a picnic

Gather up blankets, drinks and your favorite snacks for a picnic date. Surrounding yourself with nature will set a quiet, peaceful scene for you and your partner. As the day ends, watching the sunset will make the perfect ending to this special day.

Host a romantic movie marathon

Grab a bowl of popcorn and find your favorite rom-com to enjoy a relaxing evening on the couch. Binge-worthy Netflix movies include The Notebook, Dear John and the upcoming To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, which premieres on Wednesday, February 12. You will not want to leave your couch any time soon with these endless movies to choose from.

Recreate your first date

Whether your first date took place at a fancy restaurant or in a McDonald’s parking lot, taking things way back to where you and your partner first felt a connection will allow you to appreciate that special night. Reminiscing while enjoying the present can make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. 

Valentine’s Day means more than chocolates and roses: it places a focus on the true meaning of love. At the end of the day, this special time of the year focuses on the importance of spending time with the people you love most.