How to survive freshman year: 2007 vs 2020


Racheal Oni

High school freshmen get an exciting opportunity to start over, with a new environment, new people, and bigger opportunities to prepare for the future. As freshmen, they need a guide to know what to do, what not to do, and what to expect in hopes of paving a road that leads to a great high school experience in general and it all goes by fast. “Cherish every moment because highschool goes by fast,” Cambridge highschool Senior Yosola Odunuga said.

Racheal Oni, Reporter

In 2007, freshman year seemed like all fun and games, but in the year 2020 things changed due to COVID-19. Due to the virus, most schools decided to resume school online, implementing a completely different schedule than what the students are used to.

     Beginning freshman year of high school students gain new teachers, classes,  classmates, and an entirely new environment. This change may take some students by surprise in both a positive and negative way, as people tell them that the best part of their high school memory comes from the freshman year.  As newcomers, they may expect freshman year to take it easy on them, but as they progress and upgrade classes they realize it becomes stressful, and the amount of work they put in during their first year of high school sets a foundation for what their high school experience will look like.

A factor of freshman year comes with the idea that underclassmen fall at the bottom of the metaphorical “food chain.”  Generally speaking, upperclassmen see their younger counterparts as annoying or less than.

   In terms of popularity and social stance, TV portrays high school as a magical experience, encouraging freshmen to view their experience similar to completely unrealistic high school movies such as the popular Mean Girls movie. The movie idealizes a version of how students want high school to turn out, and they got some things wrong. 

Most freshmen find no difficulty in making friends seeing as they already know their former middle school classmates and they already belong in “cliques,”  also, making friends with teachers and or upperclassmen gives an opening in case they need anything.

Looking at 2020, the current COVID-19 conditions, forced the majority of students to remain virtual this year thus eliminating the typical annoyances freshman year contains. As far as surviving freshman year online, staying organized and disciplined when tempted to slack off will help students reach their academic goals. Also, students should make a habit of reaching out to their teachers when they need help. These practices as well as taking breaks and creating effective study habits will propel virtual learners to take charge of their education, getting through the school year easily as a result.

All in all freshman year goes by fast and so does the rest of high school. A group of them adjust to the system fast, and another group needs more time. In the end, they learn how things work, and when the time comes for them to join the upperclassmen category, they tell their stories and advice to incoming freshmen.