One last “article” to my favorite staff


Elyssa Abbott, Editor-in-chief

When I applied for journalism my freshman year, I never thought it would bring me lifelong friends and some of my favorite memories throughout high school. I came into this class solely because I wanted to write and pursue journalism, I didn’t expect that it would become something so important to me. Third period will forever be my comfort space, safe haven, and favorite closet in the entire building. From random “attendance” questions on Zoom to controversial brainstorming, I will forever remember this staff as hardworking and resilient. Collectively we overcame so many setbacks and still throughout a pandemic published amazing content everyday and continued winning awards. Although we may not see each other everyday ever again, I pinky promise that I will visit often and check the website every single day, and of course continue to promote Lainey and I’s Starbucks article (we will reach 50k views one day). 

I am so thankful that I was able to spend an hour and a half with the most passionate, creative journalists everyday and I can not wait to see everything you accomplish in the future. I understand that newspaper was not normal this year and was not always fun, but I know that every single staff member improved as a writer and photographer (definitely all mastered Canva). 

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to lead The Chant for a year and a half and thank you for exceeding all of my expectations and continuing the legacy of this award-winning publication. I love you all more than I can say. 

Dominik: I am distraught! I can not believe that The Chant will not be blessed with your presence next year. You always had the ~weirdest~ brainstorming ideas, but we needed that. I hope that you love your new school and you accomplish so many amazing things, which I know you will.

Jenny: Everytime I edit one of your articles, I always check the photo first because they make me so happy! You are so creative and I will continue to check The Chant for what else your brilliant mind has created. Your passion for thrifting, the environment, and libraries fills me with joy. We need more people like you. Please send me your drawings every single day. 

Hannah L.: You worked so hard this year to encourage writers to produce archives and always had the most unique ideas. You have a passion for popular culture that I hope you continue to write about. Although you’re taking a different path next year, which I know you will succeed in as always, I hope that you never stop writing about conspiracies.

Marissa: You are so strong! Even on bad days you continue to work hard and find inspiration for writing in each aspect of your life. Continue exploring the tough topics and writing! 

Hannah C.: Your passion for April Fool’s was easily the highlight of this semester. I dare you to save money and go bald please. I can tell that you truly care about the quality of your work. The way you stepped in when we needed more content for April Fool’s shows me how hard of a worker you are. I can’t wait for what you do next year!

Zioni: I have never been in a classroom with you, but I can tell that you light up every single room you walk into. Your bubbly personality will be such an asset to The Chant next year. Even though you don’t think so, you are such a great writer and will be an amazing news editor.

Ren: I love that you choose to write about the things people don’t always want to talk about. Bringing up race struggles in the school system and other uncomfortable topics for many is so important in the world of journalism. Keep writing about the uncomfortable truths!

Elijah: You are such a talented writer and I love that you bring new perspectives to the table. Let’s be honest I had no idea what a loot box was before reading your enterprise, but I love that you write about what you care about! 

Amber: I am so thankful to call you one of my best friends. I don’t know what I would have done without you this year helping me with literally anything I didn’t have time for. You are always up for anything and any challenge that comes your way. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to be editor-in-chief next year. Come visit me?

Jemiah: I told you this literally last week, but I will say it over and over. You have such a powerful voice and I hope you use it forever. Everything you write I can tell that you have a true passion for and please continue to expose the uncomfortable truths of the world. We need it! 

Hannah G.: You have such a kind heart and your writing shows this! You are going to be such an amazing editor and I hope that you continue to write meaningful articles. Even though we only spent one semester together, I have so much confidence in your ability!

Peyton: Although I want to strangle you sometimes, I am so thankful that newspaper led up to each other and that you have become one of my best friends. I know I’ll see you a hundred times at Art’s over the summer and you WILL come visit me. I am so excited to see your music career flourish and I can’t wait to see what else you choose to do with your life, like starting ANOTHER garden! 

Racheal: Throughout this year, you have grown so much as a writer. I know life threw you some curveballs this year, but you handled everything gracefully. Even though we have never met (unless you count Zoom) I know you are so passionate about writing and I hope you never stop!

Chancelor: When I first heard that you were coming into newspaper and Amber told me how smart you were, I’m not going to lie I was a little intimidated. Every single article you wrote and produced was written with care and I am so excited to see what else you do in your life. You are so kind and always put up with Amber, Peyton, Lainey, and I’s shenanigans even when I am sure you didn’t want to listen to us. Thank you for always eating the Crumbl cookies we didn’t want <3.

Lainey: I would not have wanted anyone else in the entire world to be my copy editor. Thank you for being my partner-in-crime and my favorite person to write with ever. You are so hardworking and I know that you are going to accomplish so many great things in college. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you next year, but don’t worry I will come sleep on your floor with your plants all the time. My sushi lover, fall treat baker, and co-writer to 50% of my articles. I am going to miss you so much.

Mrs. Zavala: I credit you for every single thing we have accomplished, written, or won in newspaper. Even though you weren’t physically there this year, I could not have done it without you. You are the most influential teacher I have ever had and I am so excited for the future generations of newspaper that get to work with you. You are so amazing and the most resilient woman I have ever met. Thank you for believing me about Helen Keller.

Newspaper has been my second home for the past three years. Whenever I needed a break, newspaper was where I would go. To everyone minus Lainey, I hope newspaper gives you the same feeling it gives us and fills you with relief and joy everytime you walk into the closet beautifully decorated by past staffers. I hope that newspaper is your second home and is the one class you look forward to every single day. Even if you don’t continue with journalism, please never stop sharing your opinions and ideas. Every single person in this class has something valuable to say and I hope that you just say it. I am so proud. I love you all. Happy tears.

P.S. Yes, I used hit words and contractions in this! Don’t kill me Lainey.

Love you all,