The end of an era: final article dedicated to my family!


I can’t even express how much I will miss you guys! thank you for absolutely everything :)

Erinn Gardner, Editor in Chief

I cannot believe the day is finally here, but it’s now time to say goodbye to the class that has made the biggest impact on my life. When I applied for newspaper as a sophomore, it was one of those things where I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. I thought ‘this will be a fun little class where I can possibly improve my writing’. Little did I know, this class would be so much more than that, and it is easily the best thing has ever happened to me. Who knew that days in the pub office would entail weird discussions about Ice Spice, long rants about AP classes (you know exactly which classes I’m talking about) and BBL slideshows? I mean, I truly wouldn’t have wanted to spend my third period any other way. While I’ll miss sharing these laughs and enjoying all of these fun moments with you guys, I can’t WAIT to see what all of your futures hold. 

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be your EIC this year. It was such a privilege to walk into class everyday and just indulge in all of the creativity and innovation that you all had to offer. I’ve genuinely never been so amazed/humbled in my life! Like seriously, even Zavala can tell you about all of the times I’ve come to her in awe about the genius ideas ya’ll have brought to the table. Despite this article not following a single rule from the AP style guide (Jasmina please don’t kill me), these past two years have given me a skillset that will last a lifetime. Not only have I gotten to see you grow as writers and photographers, but it’s been so amazing to you all grow as people as well. 

Thank you again for allowing me to be you guys’ big sister, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Though we may be dysfunctional, we’re a family nonetheless, and this award winning publication would not be at all possible without any of you.  Now I want to highlight every single person who has made my senior experience unforgettable, I love you beyond measure. 

My partners in crime: 

Zioni: From pineapple farms in Costa Rica to lotion spills on my pantsuit (update, it came out!), I wouldn’t trade the memories I’ve made with you for the world. Let’s be completely honest here, I wouldn’t have survived this year by any means if you weren’t by my side listening to my lengthy, tedious rants (even if it wasn’t by choice) about whatever nonsense went on. The last 4 years have been a blast, and Bard is BEYOND lucky to have you!!

Ren: I feel like I’ve had every class with you since freshman year, but it wasn’t until our time on The Chant  when I really got the chance to see your personality shine through. I’m just gonna say it— I initially only knew you as the girl I would act a fool with on the bus. But I think newspaper has shown me another side of you that outsiders don’t get the privilege of seeing. The growth, passion and power that I’ve seen in your writing is just phenomenal. 

The spring semester squad:

Gio: TWINNN, let’s be real. There would be no functioning Sports page without you. I will miss your contagious, hilarious personality ALMOST as much as I’ll miss you constantly interrupting yourself in the middle of your elaborate stories (specifically about Brazil). You really stepped up to the plate, especially when you took on another editorial role! I am extremely proud of you twizzy. 

Jasmina: My forever seat buddy! I can confidently say that you are the most opinionated and ardent, yet stubborn human being I’ve ever met (not naive though LOL). I admire the fact that you bring all of those characteristics to your writing and you never cease to offer food for thought. You’re also the only person I know who has the entire AP style guide memorized. Please never lose that drive and determination you have!

Lauren: To my fashion icon, I have thoroughly enjoyed the past year I have spent with you. It’s been such a privilege to watch you grow into your own and develop a love for journalism. It seems like just yesterday you were a sophomore I would always see at Speech and Debate meetings, and now you’re an award winning journalist!

Callie: Thank you for being the sweetest, most kind-hearted individual I’ve ever encountered. Zavala definitely made one of the best decisions for The Chant  when she brought you on staff. You’ve lived up to all of our expectations as a Features editor, and I wouldn’t change a thing. By the way, our Dance Moms impersonations were spot on!

Valentina: For some reason I feel like you’ve seen me fall out of my chair in the pub office so many times, but thank you for not laughing too hard! You’ve honestly demonstrated so much growth in your writing, and I hope it’s something that you will continue to hone. It’s safe to say you’re the queen of Entertainment, and The Chant  is so lucky to have you!

Emilio: I just wanna start off by saying that you’re always so happy, and I absolutely LOVE it. Everytime I see you, you’re always smiling and you just have a positive outlook on life. I can always count on you to write an accurate review of the latest horror movie, it saves me a lot of time and money! Most importantly, long live The Chant  bachelor.


Eladia: From our long chats about hair care to rants about the Kardashians, you’ve definitely been my safe space. You never fail to inform/scare the heck out of me in your articles. I mean, who knew that the little UV lamps at the nail salon could alter my cells and give me cancer down the line?!  Even though yearbook gained an incredible member, please promise me you’ll continue writing!

Divine: Girl I’m not gonna lie, my first impression of you was the girl who microwaves her cereal. But I’ve genuinely enjoyed getting to know you as a person, and I absolutely envy how hardworking and ambitious you are. No matter what obstacle you encounter, you always find a way to overcome it. I hope we can still continue our shared love for the spicy rice cakes at Iron Age!

Ivan: Hey munch! I feel like people could say a lot of things about you, but shallow is certainly not one of them! You are actually the only person I know who will literally write a 7 page paper and label it as an article. But, the passion award goes to you, hands down! Your voice is showcased in every single article you’ve published and you truly never fail to amaze me.

 Rose: You started off extremely shy and I thought you were never going to talk to me if we’re being honest. Boy did you have me fooled. Real talk, I am so proud of you for opening up and embracing your outgoing side. You were an addition to The Chant that the universe knew we needed. Sidenote, who else am I going to make short people jokes with on a regular basis? 

Ciara: I know you’ve heard this a lot in your life, but your personality is incredibly magnetic and so distinct. I wouldn’t want to co-write an article about our “woke” construction teacher with anyone else! You have such a strong voice, and we are honored that you’re using it on The Chant. I could read a “no name” article from you and know it’s your writing before even hitting the second paragraph.  

Mia: I don’t exactly remember who, but I told someone that you’re “miss make it happen” because you quite literally always make everything happen. You took over the Opinions page AND managed to keep up with your own articles without skipping a beat. That is beyond impressive and to me it demonstrates qualities of a spectacular leader that The Chant  needs.

Tori: Even though you are super reserved and at times I feel like you know something the rest of us don’t, your energy is immaculate and you’re my favorite J. Cole stan ever (yes we have a shared love for Jermaine). There’s so much in store for you, and I cannot wait to see what life brings you!

Malique: Whether intentional or not, you never fail to make me chuckle and you’re genuinely nice to anyone that approaches you. From your article on Brittney Griner to the one about athletes’ careers, your passion for Sports journalism is evident and you have diversified The Chant’s  website!

Evan: Physics buddy! Thank you from the bottom of my soul for always helping me with homework in the pub office when I was on the verge of a breakdown. You’re basically Einstein! Also dude, I feel like a literal South Park and NASA expert because of you. I hope being on The Chant  has taught you as much as you’ve taught me!

Jackson: Even though you left us after the first semester, I had to include you because you’re now one of my closest friends. I know for a FACT that this is your second home based on how many visits we get. You spent more time in the pub office this semester than you did when you were actually on staff LOL. But thank you so much for being my go-to buddy for everything!

Ms. Zavala: I could write a whole dissertation about you being the most influential teacher I’ve ever had. Let me just start off by saying thank you. Thank you for being my school mommy and being there when no one else was. Thank you for letting me vent to you about any and everything. Thank you for giving me opportunities that no other teacher would dream of giving me. You’ve probably seen Zioni and I the most out of everyone, I mean 2 classes with you in one day is wild. So last but not least, thank you for not getting sick of us! 

You guys have made my experience as EIC one that I will cherish forever. Room 606 is the equivalent of my second home and you all are my family. Whether you continue writing for The Chant  or not, every last one of you has a gift for journalism, and I will be devastated if it goes to waste. Please please PLEASE don’t hesitate to call me about literally anything going on in your lives. Matter of fact, I’ll be in the heart of Atlanta so expect many visits from me! Going from seeing you guys everyday to not seeing you at all is going to be a painfully tough transition, but this class will undoubtedly hold a special place in my heart forever.


Erinn <3