Goodbye besties: last article dedicated to my favorite people!


I love you guys, thanks for eveything <3

Amber Roldan, Editor in Chief

The Chant will always and forever be my favorite part of high school. When I applied freshman year I could have never imagined that a high school newspaper would be responsible for so many of my high school friendships and memories. The simplicity and sometimes extremity of our daily chats and conspiracy theories will forever hold a special place in my heart. I mean where else will Helen Keller come up as a debate topic so frequently? As tiny and chaotic as it might appear to outsiders, the pub office is undoubtedly my favorite place at North Cobb, but that is truly because of all of you.

Thank you for allowing me to be this year’s EIC; it has been beyond a privilege and something that I will always cherish. Thank you for putting up with my misspelled story ideas on the pub doc, spur-of-the-moment announcements and of course all of the lost sticky notes. I have absolutely loved reading and editing everyone’s articles this year, y’all’s brains never fail to amaze me. Every one of you has improved as a writer and photographer this year and I could not be prouder. If you can’t tell yet this article is very far from AP style (Sorry Jenny; I love you). Call me a hypocrite, but an article and makeshift photo dump is the only appropriate way I can think of to say goodbye to my favorite people!

Let’s start with the people with who I started this crazy journey with because our three years of friendship is one of my favorite parts of this class. I wouldn’t want to navigate the world of high school journalism with anyone else!

The original 4:

Dominik: Without The Chant, I don’t know if our paths would have crossed, but I am so glad they did. Your stories never fail to make me laugh and simultaneously scare me. You will always be the kid who brought a lizard to class and sneezed on me freshman year, but after FOUR years, I guess it is finally time to forgive you. Please keep being you and keep writing, because you are so incredibly cool and talented.

Jenny: Let’s be honest, if it weren’t for you I probably would have caught the microwave on fire multiple times. I absolutely adore you and thank you for everything you do for this publication. Our sentence structure would SUCK without you! I am sorry for “intimidating you” in middle school and am so thankful for our friendship over the years. I can’t wait to hear all about your awesome career as an entomologist! 

Peyton: Thank you for always being a constant for impressive sports articles and coverage! From Friday night radio broadcasts to writing for the MDJ, you truly developed a talent for sports journalism. When you weren’t covering sports you still managed to pump out great album reviews and articles about Chipotle and Celcius. The Chant was lucky to have you as both a writer and copy editor, good luck in Athens!

Jemiah: I am so thankful for your friendship, especially this year. I wouldn’t want to decorate and then abandon decorating the pub office with anyone else! Thanks for always calling me out and keeping me in check. I am going to miss our “life updates”–they literally kept me sane–but I am so excited to visit you for Mardi Gras next year and go on the million trips that we have planned: GO TIGERS!

Super cool people who joined during a pandemic: 

Hannah: I am SO thankful that you decided to join The Chant you are an amazing writer and have beautifully taken on the role of features editor. You are the sweetest soul and are beyond talented, please keep writing! From walking the track in PE as freshmen to accidentally deleting your investigative, thanks for all of the memories. Sorry for making you carsick on the way to GSPA!

Elijah: I am so glad that you decided to join this publication in the middle of a pandemic! You are a talented writer and naturally took on an editing role. I have loved getting to watch you explore the world of videography this semester as you made your directorial debut. Thank you for always being our class DJ, even though you made us listen to the same songs every day!

Zioni: Thank you for bringing your passion for journalism to The Chant, we are so lucky to have you on staff. I loved reading all of your articles this semester because they never failed to be fact-based, informative, and full of passion. You are my favorite USA today writer even though you make me edit out most of my adjectives. I know you are going to be an amazing copy editor and I can’t wait to hear about it!

Ren: Ren! I have loved becoming your friend this year after only seeing you on zoom! Thank you for sharing my love of Canva, I have loved seeing all of your cute creations this year. But, no matter how cute of a cover photo you have, you still tackle controversy and injustice in your articles. Keep writing about what others are afraid to talk about, this is why you are going to be an amazing opinions editor!


Gio: TWIN! Watching you develop a love for sports journalism in only a semester has been so fun! I am so happy that you found your way to The Chant. I will miss hearing you and Jasmina yell at each other every day, but I am so excited for you to become the next sports editor. I know you are going to be amazing and absolutely revolutionize the page!

Lauren: From your imagery-filled writing to your to-do list sticky notes, everything about you can be described with the word cute. I still remember being super impressed by your first article and can honestly say that your hard work and writing continue to impress me! Even though you don’t know how to spell the word cereal, I am very glad you are a part of The Chant.

Jasmina: I can honestly say the Chant was a little quieter and a little less opinionated before you came, but I am so glad that you brought your passion to the publication. You are so hardworking and practically mastered photography and AP style in a matter of months. You are going to be an incredible Copy and Social Media editor! Good luck twin!

Jacey: I know that you are tired of hearing this by now, but The Chant is going to miss you and your talent SO much next year! You are so kind and I have loved watching you spark controversy in the fashion world! Please keep writing even if it isn’t for The Chant!

Nick: Nick, I personally think that you have one of the best music tastes on staff! I have loved reading all of your entertainment, band and music articles this semester. Your passion for all three is always evident and well written!

Valentina: Desk buddy, I am glad you joined the staff this semester! You have written so many deep and engaging opinion articles and I have enjoyed watching you explore different topics and interests. Thank you for letting me borrow your perfume like twice a week! 

Callie: I am so happy that you joined and have enjoyed newspaper! You are genuinely one of the most hardworking people I know. Thank you for always making my life easier and beating due dates. I am so excited that you will be editing my favorite page next year, I know the page and chair that comes with it will be in great hands!

Najalae: Reading your articles this semester has been so much fun! From Olivia Rodrigo to mental health topics you always know how to tell an engaging story! Plus your Canva skills are always adorable. I think about your April Fools photo of the day every time I pass the academy!

Emilio: Honestly as you know, for the better half of the semester I thought you were a freshman. But nonetheless, I am glad you joined the staff! You are always smiling which is a testament to your kind personality. I can’t wait for you further your photoshop skills and take over the Entertainment page!

Erinn: Girl, I can’t believe that I have only known you since August. At times I swear we have the same brain. (I mean identical test scores are creepy!) Thank you for being my favorite germaphobe and always helping me with random tasks. You are going to be an amazing Editor-in-chief and even though it’s sad to leave, I know The Chant is being left in great hands.

Mrs. Zavala: Thank you so much for absolutely everything; this publication wouldn’t be anything without you. I wouldn’t want to have anyone else as my teacher for 7 semesters. Thank you for being my school mom, letting me hide in the pub office and signing lots of late passes over the years. I still can’t believe I won’t see you every day, but room 606 will always be at the top of the list of places to visit when I am in town!

Thank you for making the pub office my safe haven. I wouldn’t trade our potlucks, loud brainstorming sessions or chaotic morning meetings for anything. My time as EIC has truly been the highlight of my senior year. I am so proud of everyone, thank you for making my time on staff and as EIC unforgettable. You are all extremely talented. Whether or not you decide to pursue journalism or photography, please keep writing and taking photos to share with the world. Our world could definitely use some of the joy that you bring me every day through your writing and photography. 

I will miss you all tremendously, you all have my number so please use it. I expect lots of third-period facetime calls, and if you ever find yourself in Missouri please come visit!