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Amber Roldan, Features Editor

Amber Roldan, an eager junior at NCHS, joined the newspaper to pursue her dream career in the journalism field. Fueled by her faith and coffee addiction, she loves surrounding herself with friends and family. Passionate about charity work, Roldan loves spending her summers traveling the world while attending mission trips with friends. 

Aside from writing and volunteer work, she loves the art of theatre.. Roldan indulges herself in the realm of theatrics and sits as a chairman on NC’s Standing Ovation Drama Board. In her free time, she loves exploring the city, driving with her windows down while blasting country music, and going to Mass on Sundays. She loves spending time outdoors ranging from swimming in the oceans of Florida to fishing and hiking in North Georgia. Nothing makes her happier than chasing the sun.

Ecstatic to see what junior year holds, Roldan looks forward to embarking on this journey and sharing it with The Chant’s readers.

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Menstruation serves as a natural process experienced by women throughout the world. Menstruation products remain essential goods purchased by women across the world. Despite the necessity of these products America’s government profits from feminine products through the enforcement of the pink and tampon taxes.

Patriarchal Periods?

April 13, 2021


March 7, 2021
Americans across the nation silently struggle with Dyslexia. The learning disability effects 43.5 million people across the globe making it harder for them to read and write.

Debunking Dyslexia

December 8, 2020
Dear Teachers,

Dear Teachers,

November 22, 2020
Over 60 scarecrows line Main Street in downtown Kennesaw. Each scarecrow constitutes a tangible manifestation of Kennasaw’s creativity. Numerous local businesses including BurgerFi, Apotheos Roastery, and Easton Chiropractic participated in Kennesaw’s successful inaugural scarecrow parade.

Scarecrows on Main

October 19, 2020
With a grueling, nation-wide three month quarantine, Americans participated in numerous elaborate trends that disappeared just as fast as they emerged. From documentaries about an eccentric zookeeper to endless amounts of baked banana goods, Americans discovered new ways to occupy their excessive amounts of free time.

Faded Quarantine Fads

September 5, 2020
NC thespians eagerly await to embark on an adventure where they will indulge themselves in the world of theatrics this weekend at Thescon. With departure scheduled for 7:30 on Thursday morning, students begin packing their bags and check items off of their to do lists as they prepare to travel to Columbus, Georgia among 5,000 other Georgia thespians. “I'm excited for thescon because I get to learn about theater related subjects from professionals. It's also fun to meet fellow thespians and it is a nice get away from the stress of academics,”  junior Ginette Samu said.


February 4, 2020

AP Human…Rights

November 21, 2019
A pungent smell saturates the 700 hallway as Zoology students dive into dissecting a frog. Students receive hands on learning experience as they watch their textbooks come to life before their eyes. This dissection enabled students to enrich their understanding of an organism's internal organs.

[PHOTO] Frog dissection

November 12, 2019
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