Amina Sahovic: the girl boss behind Glossy and Bossy


Photo by Caleb Smith (Avery Media); Marketing concept: Amina Sahovic

As a female small business owner, Amina Sahovic fearlessly sets the business world on fire with her local small business: Glossy and Bossy. G&B celebrated its second birthday and two years of trials and triumphs on September 13th.

Amber Roldan, Editor in Chief

Nineteen-year-old entrepreneur Amina Sahovic defies stereotypical business norms as she independently runs her successful small business: Glossy and Bossy (G&B). The 2020 NC alumni quickly made a name for herself in the lip gloss realm when she launched her business in September of 2019. Since then, Sahovic conquered numerous challenges as she established G&B as an esteemed business.

G&B sells exclusively vegan and cruelty-free lip glosses. Striving to implement inclusivity in all aspects of her locally owned business, Sahovic offers a variety of lip gloss shades and flavors. Additionally, G&B’s affordable prices allow Sahovic to seamlessly achieve her goal of inclusivity. Sahovic’s cheapest gloss costs merely $4 and the most expensive gloss only costs $6.50. Low prices and high-quality products repetitively enamor customers.

When the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak emerged in March of 2020, small business owners across the nation came face to face with what appeared as an unfeasible challenge: maintaining a successful business amid a pandemic. Sahovic did not escape this challenge. However, her resilience and passion for her craft allowed Glossy and Bossy to stay afloat. 

“During the pandemic, I wasn’t producing any content or products because I noticed not many people were buying handmade products or shopping at all unless it was essential for their health. Understanding this, taking a break, and reflecting on how I wanted to come back was the tricky part,” Sahovic said.

Originally offering strictly lip gloss, Sahovic implemented various aspects of change into her business over the past two years. Dedicated to her craft and customers, the reliable entrepreneur frequently releases new unique flavors and products. Although her focus remained on lip gloss, Sahovic thrilled customers when she added lip oils to her website in February of 2020. In August of the same year, a variety of body oils joined her selection. 

Sahovic pursues her marketing career ambitions at Oglethorpe University, admirably balancing the rigor of her coursework with the demands of her business. On top of school work, Sahovic consistently maintains her website and social media accounts while simultaneously handling G&B production, manufacturing, and shipping. 

“When it comes to balancing the two [school and work], it does get hard. Finding a fine line between being a business owner and a student allows you to balance your priorities by establishing what’s more important at that moment. Although Glossy and Bossy is a job to me, it’s doing what I love and incorporating that into my academic life as well, since I want a future in Marketing,” Sahovic said.

Being a small business owner allows Sahovic to combine her expertise in the business world with her marketing aspirations. Sahovic’s natural talent for marketing remains palpable through her online presence. Both the G&B Instagram and website boast a professional minimalist aesthetic. Sahovic rebranded Glossy and Bossy in January when she introduced her new abbreviated G&B logo.

 Even with Sahovic’s rebrand, one common denominator remained: the color pink. From Instagram posts to iconic outfits in her recent photoshoot with Avery Media, Sahovic creatively flaunts the color pink in all aspects of her business endeavors. In celebration of G&B’s second anniversary, Sahovic shared her affinity for the color pink with customers as she launched a new celebratory lip gloss flavor: Rose

“Rose was created because my favorite color is pink, and I believe the color pink represents Glossy and Bossy, as well as myself overall. The flavor was introduced because I wanted to come out with a feminine gloss and roses are flowers that represent femininity in my eye,” Sahovic said.

G&B allowed Sahovic to leave a tangible legacy at NC. Sharing a large following base with current NC students, Sahovic’s accessible website and Instagram invite students from her alma mater to shop G&B products.

“As I watched Amina grow her business independently, her determination inspired me. Seeing her succeed encouraged me to start up my own business and sell crocheted clothes, hats, and stuffed animals,” NC senior Kiana Hawley said.

Sahovic released Rose on September 13th, 2021, exactly two years after initially launching her business. In the year since Sahovic graduated from NC and the two years since G&B’s launch, the dedicated business owner cultivated a growing consumer base while simultaneously improving the quality of her products. Despite a global pandemic, Sahovic’s passion outweighed her challenges and G&B remains a prominent lip gloss business.

“I have learned many lessons, more than I can count, but my most valuable has been to trust the process. Whatever is meant for you, will always be meant for you. If you haven’t gotten where you want to be yet, it’s either because you haven’t fully devoted yourself or it’s just not your time yet. But it’s important to remember the beauty is in the process,” Sahovic said.