BREAKING NEWS: NC welcomes eager elementary school students 


Amber Roldan

NC’s enthusiastic welcome of Big Shanty Elementary students proves the important value of unity within a community that the Acworth area highly boasts. Despite an unusual school day, the Big Shanty staff and administrators conducted a successful agenda and praised NC’s quick accommodations. Big Shanty hopes to resume classes as normal within the week but forever knows a supportive school family surrounds them.

Amber Roldan and Peyton Stack

NC’s Performing Arts Center opened its doors to stranded Big Shanty Elementary School students this morning after an unexpected water main break affected students’ morning schedules. The water main break occurred on Ben King Road in between Big Shanty Elementary School and St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School and Church. The water main break temporarily shut down all water services at both Big Shanty Elementary and St. Catherine’s church. Big Shanty students would usually seek shelter at St. Catherines, but the shared shortages prevented the planned relocation. CCSD emergency protocols established NC as the backup relocation destination for Big Shanty’s student body.

“We are so thankful that NC opened their doors to our staff and students. It was definitely a chaotic morning for our Big Shanty family so we are so lucky to be met with such gracious accommodations,” Big Shanty Assistant Principal Courtney Kelly said.

Upon arrival, students entered NC’s four-year-old PAC building, greeted by various NC administrators alongside Principal Matt Moody. The lack of functioning water services at Big Shanty Elementary school prevented students from using bathroom facilities until arrival at NC. After students settled in and used NC’s restrooms as needed, students received chicken tenders and french fries for lunch from NC’s dedicated cafeteria staff. The familiar meal paired with the high school experience fostered palpable excitement among the elementary school students.

“The kids were so excited to receive chicken tenders and french fries. They thought it was so cool that they got to be high schoolers for the day and felt so grown up,” Kelly said.

The elementary schoolers recommenced in the auditorium after lunch to view a collection of beloved Disney movies. The students found comfort in the familiar films as the catchy songs and outgoing characters distracted students from their abrupt transition into high school. Aside from the multitude of students affected, this morning’s water break affected 170 surrounding homes. Numerous NC students experienced unusual traffic this morning due to the Ben King roadblock. The attendance office staff administered excused tardies in response to the inconvenience. 

Big Shanty parents received the option to check out students early from NC’s PAC.  Students with working parents who could not make the trip to NC will still travel home on their normal bus routes this afternoon. 

 CCSD water technicians and first responders continue to work hard on Ben King Road and successfully turned off the broken water line to prevent excessive flooding. After a chaotic day, Big Shanty Elementary School plans to resume classes on campus tomorrow morning.