Apotheos Roastery’s juxtaposition of simplicity and the sweet indulgence of caffeine creates the perfect can of coffee


Amber Roldan

Apotheos Roastery tears down stereotypes rooted in the coffee industry by specializing in cold brew coffee. Owner, Dale Hughes hopes to reconnect Kennesaw citizens by sharing his passion for cold brew coffee with his beloved community. “Cold brew is a new phase of coffee; it’s rising about 80% a year when looking at industry trends,” Hughes said.

Amber Roldan, Features Editor

Apotheos Roastery blends enlightenment ideals, the delicacy of foreign coffee beans, and the importance of communication to create a delicious 12oz can of cold brew coffee. Located in downtown Kennesaw off of Main Street, Apotheos Roastery resides in the heart of Kennesaw cultivating the true spirit of Kennesaw citizens. Kennesaw’s newest one of a kind coffee house serves their neighborhood by reigniting the ancient ideal of community that people experience over a shared cup of coffee.

 During the Enlightenment Era, sharing a cup of coffee represented more than just a scrumptious beverage, it represented the sharing of political and social ideas across the table from loved ones. Apotheos Roastery’s owner, Dale Hughes, realized that society rarely creates time to focus on these simple traditions in today’s chaotic world. By bringing Apotheos Roastery to historic downtown Kennesaw next door to The Nest, he hoped to provide a place where locals could emphasize these activities once again. 

“Apotheos is about enlightenment, learning about and being curious about each other, being communal, and being makers [of coffee],” Hughes said.

150 million Americans indulge themselves in the savory realm of coffee on a daily basis. Major consumerism based brands, including Dunkin’ and Starbucks, exploit this ubiquitous necessity. While coffee constitutes an ancient beverage, the way Americans consume the delicious drink rapidly evolved over time. In the 17th and 18th centuries, coffee houses represented places where people could converse and take a break from the stress of everyday life. In the chaos surrounding the 21st century, Americans rush in and out of drive-thrus to receive their caffeinated refreshments. This 4-minute experience lacks the social interaction needed to manifest meaningful thoughts.  In an age of technology dictated by the harsh realities of a grueling pandemic, Apotheos Roastery strives to create a vibrant environment where Kennesaw Residents can share not only a savory cup of coffee, but ideas, beliefs, and conversation topics.

“We are tired of people not liking each other and not finding things in common because they don’t take the time to get to know each other,” Hughes said.

Apotheos Roastery defies coffee stereotypes and specializes in high-quality cold brew coffee. Three delicious flavors (Adventurer Cold Brew, Maverick Cold Brew, and Purist Cold brew) provide customers with a variety of options to combat their coffee cravings. Apotheos Roastery’s diligent employees brew all three flavors on-site in Kennesaw, Georgia. In addition to brewing coffee, Apotheos produces their biodegradable cans and simple, yet elegant labels at their esteemed location that doubles as a production facility and store facade. 

The mouth-watering scent of freshly blended coffee grounds greets customers at the vintage doors of Apotheos Roastery. The overwhelming scent makes walking out of the store without purchasing multiple cans of cold brew coffee to sample nearly impossible. Apotheos Roastery markets each can of coffee at merely $3 providing customers with an accessible option to satisfy their daily caffeine needs.

In a sea of similar mainstream coffee shops, Appotheos Roastery stands apart from the crowd. Unlike popular coffee shops, Apotheos Roastery embraced the chilling season of Fall by launching their seasonal, Maple infused cold brew coffee. Apotheos Roastery steered clear of the stereotypical Fall favorite, Pumpkin Spice Lattes in an effort to stand out from the crowd.

Adjacent to their elegant store facade and pristine production facility, Apotheos Roastery shares an event space with the 1808. Named after Metro Atlanta’s highest elevation point, the 1808 provides the perfect space to host a variety of parties, weddings, and corporate events. Both the 1808 and Apotheos Roastery dwell in a beautiful, historic church that’s under renovation. 

In addition to cold brew coffee customers can purchase hats, t-shirts, and coffee grounds in-store and online at Apotheos roastery. After a world of darkness, separation, and communication frenzies Apotheos Roastery allows Kennesaw’s patrons to reconnect and heal while drinking delicious cold brew coffee.

“We are curious communal makers, we are craftsmen and we want people to know what we do so they can enjoy it,” Hughes said.