Crumbl Cookies: Kennesaw’s newest dessert destination


Amber Roldan

Offering a variety of unique flavors every week, Crumbl Cookies’ rotating menu thrills the taste buds of everyone who walks through the doors. With affordable prices and delicious dessert, Crumbl Cookies quickly climbs the ranks becoming one of America’s top dessert destinations.

Amber Roldan, Features Editor

Kennesaw welcomed Crumbl Cookies on April 28 when the gourmet cookie company opened the doors to the public. The highly anticipated opening thrilled cookie connoisseurs and sweet tooths alike providing locals with an accessible opportunity to satisfy their cookie cravings. The Utah based company entered the realm of baking in 2017 when the first franchise opened in Logan, Utah. The quaint store quickly gained nationwide acclamations and expanded its brand. 

“Crumbl is unique because every single aspect of the place is intentional. The whole brand is aesthetic with the pink box, minimalist logo, and open kitchen. Crumbl feels like a whole experience rather than just a cookie company,” Crumbl Cookie employee, Daniela Binns said. 

Closed on Sundays, Kenesaw’s new favorite desert destination welcomed hundreds of customers with a full opening weekend itinerary. With doors opening for the first time on Wednesday, Crumbl Cookies employees embraced numerous friendly faces throughout the weekend. Upholding a tradition that promotes hospitality while embarking on new beginnings. After their soft opening and grand opening Crumbl Cookies hosts free cookie day where they hand out a free chocolate chip cookie to every paying customer.

Unlike competing cookie vendors, Crumbl Cookies boasts a new menu each week. With over 120 specialty flavors, Crumbl offers four specialty cookies alongside their classic chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookies every week.  Ultimately, rotating flavors every week provides loyal customers with an incentive to return every week. Crumbl announces their weekly cookie lineup every Sunday at 8 p.m. on their social media account as well as their website. 

“Crumbl’s flavor options are so creative and their cookies are definitely worth the money because the cookies are big, chewy, and yummy,” NC AP history teacher Tamara Rakenburg said.

Crumbl Cookies owes a part of their success to their growing social media presence. America’s favorite social media app: TikTok fosters a natural affinity for Crumbl Cookies. content creators on the app love to sample Crumbl’s weekly offerings while simultaneously  recording their reactions and rating each flavor.

Crumbl Cookies packages each delectable cookie inside of their iconic pink boxes. With a variety of sizes to choose from, customers can walk out with a single cookie, a four pack, 12 pack, or the newly introduced fan favorite six pack. Announced and released on April 9th, six pack boxes quickly became a fan favorite. The box allows customers to sample all six cookies each week for the price of $16. The simplistic pastel pink design found on each box promotes instagramable pictures. 

With a multitude of franchise opportunities for interested entrepreneurs Crumbl Cookies stores continue to rapidly pop up across the nation. Currently, 175 locations across 31 different states exist and welcome customers on a daily basis. Each location offers the same uniform menu each week. This uniform menu spanning across thousands of miles unites Americans through the divine power of cookies.

Looking forward to their second week in business, Kennesaw’s Crumbl Cookies enthusiastically welcomes customers with a specialty Mother’s Day menu offering: pink velvet, chocolate cake, lemon glaze, and mom’s recipe with toffee and peanut butter chips.

“Crumbl is such a great job because I am getting paid to make people’s days. Everybody is a little happier after walking in the doors and smelling the freshly baked cookies while being greeted with a ‘welcome to Crumbl,’” Binns said.