NC soccer team stumbles upon dino discovery


Amber Roldan

Dino Dudes a club at NCdatesback to 1970; the club immerses itself in the realm of paleontology on a daily basis. As members learned the news of a dinosaur bone discovery on NC’s Robert Mathias home field thrilled the ancient club. “The T-rex horn was the first tangible dinosaur bone that I have seen. It was so exciting to see an actual bone instead of just looking at pictures,” Dino Dudes secretary, Ellie Razo said.

Amber Roldan, Features Editor

After a grueling soccer practice Tuesday afternoon, NC warrior athletes stumbled across something unusual: dinosaur remains. Athletes ran off the field collecting their personal items preparing to leave, when senior goalie, Mark Collins tripped over something.

“We had a really great practice, I was distracted by my teammate cracking a joke when I tripped over something and ended up face planting, hoping that no one noticed I quickly got up to see what had tripped me. I was shocked to find the horn of Tyrannosaurus rex,” Collins said.

After recovering from the shock of his near-death experience, Collins called over his coach to assess the situation. NC head varsity boys soccer coach, Glen Panell could not believe what laid before his eyes. As a paleontology enthusiast, Panell immediately recognized that the bone Collins tripped over resembled the horn of a T-rex. Panell knew what needed to happen, he whipped out his cell phone and quickly contacted NC’s Paleontology club: the Dino Dudes.

Within minutes of Panell’s phone call, the Dino Dudes arrived on the scene. Brushes in hand, the enthusiastic club cleaned off the bone. Once the bone started to sparkle, the team placed it on their travel scale. The bone brought in a record weight of 20 pounds.

“I was sitting on my couch watching TV when my phone rang with Pannel’s call. At first, I was hesitant, fearing that when I arrived at NC all I would only see a chicken bone. To my surprise, I was greeted by the elated soccer team who brought me to a twenty-pound T-rex horn,” Dino Dudes founder and NC Paleontology teacher Matt Evans said.

Led by diligent leader, Evans the Dino Dudes decided to call the local Tellus Science Museum to inquire about displaying their newest discovery. The museum embraced the opportunity and agreed to display the T-Rex bone in their esteemed exhibition. Sad to say goodbye to their latest discovery, the NC varsity boy soccer team plans to habitually visit their beloved bone on monthly field trips.

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