Chloe Ha masters the art of nail perfection



Junior Chloe Ha details her passion for artistry and style. Ha loves the meticulousness of creating nail designs when new clients request a look. She enjoys freestyling and letting her creativity shine. Ha’s level of skill speaks volumes, allowing no room for underestimation.

J'nyah Peace, Reporter

In 2018, junior Chloe Ha transitioned from the front desk of her parents’ nail salon to picking up the nail drill. Her love of art and hunger for perfectionism led to the mastery of her craft. At the age of 14, she began her creative journey and her nail-art dedicated Instagram, @chloethenailstech, shows her beautiful improvements. 

Since her humble beginnings, Ha crafted hundreds of designs for clients in the Shiloh West area surrounding NC and, most recently, in Roswell. Her family opened Pharoah Nail Salon, a luxury nail salon on the notoriously ritzy Roswell Road in Marietta. The opening provides Ha the opportunity to expand her artistry. 

“I keep doing nails because I love art and creating. My favorite part is when I make my client’s nails look so pretty and they’re so impressed by it,” Ha said. 

Ha embodies creativity in every aspect of her life. She admires art and spends her free time drawing and thinking about inspiration for her next looks. Her Instagram timeline mainly features inspirational photos from other talented nail artists across the world. Ha encases glitter and stunning holographics in her work, striving to capture her clients’ ideas perfectly. Almost every day after school, she heads to the nail salon to turn bare nail beds into impressive acrylics anyone would envy. She adores the suggestions from her clients and together they create amazing miniature art. Ha acquires the high-quality acrylic she uses from specific nail vendors and it adds to the luxury experience her family’s business offers. Ha’s perfectionist persona shines through her extravagant creations. 

“My favorite part of doing nails is designing. I design nails as much as I can. I’ll do basic nails but for the most part, I love designs and art,” Ha said. 

Customers return for Ha’s amazing hand-drawn design and strategically placed diamonds. Ha creates sets that take up to 3 hours and the results complement the hands of all who sit at her chair. 

“I had a different design on each nail. She took her time on my nails even though they were long and coffin-shaped,” McEachern Junior Kalimah Smith said. 

Her individuality distinguishes her from others her age or in the area. Her age shocks the clients that she pampers. Ha’s technique sparkles advanced far beyond her years. The uniqueness, anything but trite, defines her nail art style. She claims that her future will always include her artistry and expression through nails. She hopes to open her own chain of nail shops in the future and attend university. 

“I see myself doing nails long after I graduate because I enjoy it so much. Even though my family owning a nail shop is stressful, I’m very hopeful that mine will be successful someday,” Ha said.