Breaking news: Spider-Man times three



“I’ll always love Tobey Maguire because he was the first Spider-Man I ever watched, but I can’t deny the new movies are good. Tom Holland’s movies fit so well into the Marvel Universe and I love seeing all of my favorite characters in there. His and Zendaya’s love story is adorable, the newest movie killed me,” junior Ava Green said. The Spider-Man franchise created multiple reboots of the original, changing the plot each time and introducing new villains. Spider-Man defeats the criminals each time, protecting civilians and proving that good always overcomes evil.

Hannah Gresham, Features Editor

Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker, first appeared in Marvel comics in 1962, starring in “Amazing Fantasy No. 15”. The teenage superhero began in a simpler time, saving people and keeping criminals off the streets. Since then, the friendly neighborhood spider has taken on bigger villains, saving entire cities from the wrath of his envious tormentors.

The first Spider-Man movie released in 2002, with actor Toby Maguire painting a perfect picture of the teenager’s struggle to adapt to his newfound abilities. Now in 2022, three separate actors have taken on the responsibility of Spider-Man, each fighting different villains and possessing different skills. The storyline faced multiple reboots, more than any other film franchise. However, this allows Marvel to perfect the character through trial and error, showcasing new technology each time. 

With the emergence of three Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans each conjured up their own opinion on which actor best portrays the role as well as which movie stands out best. 

Tobey Maguire, the original Spider-Man who starred in three movies, easily plays the simplest of the three roles. Stripped of its complicated plot and advanced visual effects, the movie stands as one of the first wildly successful superhero films of the modern age. It aided in igniting the comic book movie genre that now dominates the cinemas. 

The movies evoke nostalgia from millennials, who grew up watching the hero. For most, the sentimental value alone makes it the best. However, the dated CGI and comic book feel hold the films back. In addition, when compared to the more recent renditions of Peter Parker, Maguire’s character does not fully encase the teenager look. His timidity and awkwardness still pull through though, and allow him to play a believable Peter Parker.

Maguire’s movies also contain a characteristic unique to just his character. Unlike the other two spider-men, who possess web-shooting devices strapped to their wrist, his web shoots directly out of his arm. The creator, Sam Raimi, strove to create the most realistic storyline. He found it unbelievable for a highschool student such as Peter to obtain access to tools to create an advanced device. Even with his genius mind, it seems improbable that he could create a device that the government or any other companies could not. Raimi’s take on the character made his movies stand out and paved the way for remakes. 

“My favorite Spider-Man is Tobey Maguire because it’s the original and the simplest. Peter Parker is just a kid trying to avenge his uncle’s death, and I think he plays the role best,” senior Sammy Rose said. 

The Amazing Spider-Man, starring Andrew Garfield, introduced a more accurate Peter Parker, despite the skepticism about rehashing the original. Numerous fans felt the movie unnecessary with the Maguire movies released only five years prior, but received a pleasant surprise upon watching. He provided a more self-assured Peter Parker, who struggled to cope with his endless rage at the loss of his uncle Ben. He tapped into Parker’s sense of humor well, throwing jokes at his villains for game, and harnessed the character’s scientific aptitude. Garfield used the web-slinger device in his movies, the new technology made the movies more appealing. 

The movies leaned more on the romantic side, with Emma Stone playing the love interest. The chemistry lights up the screen and adds a touch all fans need. Her on screen death created even more of an emotional plot and tugged at everyone’s heartstrings. 

The final Spider-Man, Tom Holland, depicts the more technologically advanced of the three heroes. With advancements in CGI and the integration of the Avengers, his movies provide the most dramatized plot. His new suit and technology fit well into the advanced Marvel Cinematic Universe and the hyper-realistic effects produce visually appealing stunts. Similar to Garfield, he also used the web-slinger device strapped to his arm as opposed to the web coming out of his arm. 

Once again fans seemed skeptical of the reboot, but across three movies Holland provided fans with heartfelt, emotional, and dramatic performances. Unlike the other two actors, Holland’s actual age coincides closely with his character’s and allows the character to feel more like a realistic teenager. His soft-spoken, kind persona creates the perfect friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. His incessant need to do the right thing, as taught by his Aunt May, comes across as a naïve teenager to the other avengers. However, it’s what makes him a good superhero. 

In Holland’s most recent movie, “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, all three actors worked together to defeat their collective villains. The collaboration brought fans to a frenzy, ecstatic to see the drastically different actors team up. Despite the debate, Spider-Man remains one of the most popular superheroes by far. 

“I love Tom Holland the most just because I feel like he played the nerdy teenage role best, and his movies just have the best plot, especially now that he’s been introduced to the Marvel universe,” senior Joshua Leblanc said.