Warriors slide into the new season with an 11-3 win


Tiffany McKinnon

The NC varsity baseball team began the season determined, and they hope to continue to excel. Players huddled at the end of the game to celebrate their successful start. “We lost a few seniors last year but a lot of us are back and ready to win. The scrimmage was a great start to the season, to get our energy up. We are all talking about getting a playoff game at home during the second season of regions, it’d be awesome and we’re all excited,” senior outfielder Parker Pegram (#5) said.

Hannah Gresham and Callie Kinsinger

The NC Warriors Varsity Baseball (0-0) team faced off against the Sprayberry Yellow Jackets (0-0) on Tuesday, February 8. The season started off with a successful scrimmage, where the boys proved they plan on giving their all this year. Adorned in white and blue uniforms, the Warriors stayed on the field late into the evening, illuminated by the bright overhead lights.   

“Starting with tryouts the week of MLK day we have been doing our best to get practice in with the weather. We have a lot of returning guys so we have a pretty successful team this season. A lot of it is just getting repetition in so we feel comfortable when we play on the field,” head coach Tom Callahan said.

Over the summer, the majority of players participated in travel ball to hone their skills and improve before the season started. Travel teams such as Georgia Scorpions, Southeast Socks, East Cobb and Braves allowed the Warriors to stay active over the summer. Now they practice Monday through Saturday. The scrimmage accurately displayed the effort they put into the sport, each player coated in dirt by the end of the night. 

In the first inning, both teams started off strong and finished 2-2. Senior left fielder Ashten Boswick (#2) hit an RBI triple, generating roars from his teammates in the dugout. At the top of the second inning, the Yellow Jackets fell short while the Warriors stayed resilient and took the lead.

“I injured my ankle before the game and I wasn’t anticipating playing, but I took a chance and was glad I did so. I think we’ll do good this season, all of us are ready to put in work and improve as a whole,” Boswick said. 

Additionally, infielder Jay Abernathy (#8) produced a successful night, posting two hits and a run. Pitching wise, numerous guys stepped up during their first varsity performance and appeared very comfortable on the mound. Pitchers Will Tarwater (#31), Kendall Vincent (#21) and Jacob Mckinney (#16) all surprised fans with their skills. Furthermore, returning pitchers Haruki Kawano (#6) and Isaiah Hoskins (#10) both contributed to the victorious night. 

The crowd expressed their enthusiasm throughout the entire game, hyping the players as the sun fell into the horizon. The Warriors continued their streak and maintained a comfortable lead over their opponents throughout the night. In between each inning, popular rock music echoed throughout the stands, while the batters practiced swings on the sidelines. 

Offensively, the Warriors persistently produced runners at each base, scoring frequently in the first four innings. Numerous boys, who originally did not make the starting line up, proved themselves at the game and will merit a closer look. Ordinarily coaches would place certain athletes consistently in each lineup, but this game granted each player the chance to play different positions and experiment to see where they fit best. All 19 varsity players stepped up to the home plate and batted at least once throughout the game. 

The chilly air bit at the athletes’ hands by the end of the night, finishing the night with a final score of 11-3. The team stepped onto the field with confidence and eagerness to win, using their communication skills to their advantage. They will continue to improve their skills and stay optimistic about their first season game on Monday, February 14 against the Wheeler Wildcats.