Interdimensional cable airs Rick and Morty season six


Emilio Medina

Adult Swim’s favorite grandpa and grandson duo return for a sixth season, bringing back its sci-fi adventures. Fans across the globe expect a mind-blowing and astonishing new season filled with the charm that made the show so special. Its uniqueness unquestionably solidifies it as one of Adults Swim’s most successful seasons.

Emilio Medina, Entertainment editor

Adult Swim premiered season six of the science fiction sitcom “Rick and Morty”. The show brings back its otherworldly adventures and comedy that helped drive up its popularity for the past decade, while also bringing new changes to refrain from repeating content. This Prepares the viewers for the next two “Rick and Morty” filled months.

The show revolves around interdimensional genius Rick Sanchez and his sci-fi adventures with his grandson Morty. Their adventures intertwine with family, galactic politics and otherworldly creatures as they adventure through each corner of the multiverse.

 The previous season ended with the protagonists in a troublesome cliffhanger resolved in the first episode of the new season. The show splits between standalone and story episodes to break up the humor and the sometimes serious tone. Story episodes follow the show’s main plot, while standalone episodes follow loose and comedic plotlines.

Justin Roiland made the show after creating a parody video as a protest from cease and desist letters received from Bill Cosby’s lawyers. The letters demanded that Justin Roiland take down his “House of Cosby” series. If not obvious, the characters Marty Mcfly and Doctor Brown, from the films “Back to the Future” directly inspired “Rick and Morty”. Justin Roiland created multiple shows, movies and video games, one of which releases on December 12, 2022.

“The show makes a lot of claims. There are multiple episodes where Rick goes on about not stopping the show until he got the Mcdonald’s Szechuan sauce. I just hope that they stay true to that and that Rick can finally get his Szechuan teriyaki sauce,” junior Jaxson Kukla said.

Audiences of the show praise it for its unique commercials. Its most iconic advertisement promoting Pringles premiered during the 2020 Super Bowl. A Wendy’s commercial created by the show’s team aired during the premiere of season six. The team creates advertisements for other entertainment products similar to those for Wendy’s and Pringles.

Leading up to the release of season six, the duo showed up to the latest Warner Brothers fighting game titled “Multiversus”. The game features multiple characters from various Warner Brother properties such as “Adventure Time”, “Space Jam”, “Detective Comics (DC)”, “Looney Toons” and more. 

Episodes of the show are released at 11 p.m. every Sunday with the season finale releasing on November 10 on Adult Swim, and other streaming services that feature the show. The Channel ordered 70 more episodes in 2018. With 10 episodes per season, fans can expect at least four more seasons after season six.

“Well, there’s a lot to expect. They come out with a bunch of wacky episodes all the time. To be honest that’s probably why I love the show so much. I love the sense of humor the show has, it’s so relatable to me and I can’t wait for the new season to come out,” Kukla said.