BREAKING NEWS: NC’s anticipation for superlatives comes to an end


Jasmina Buranich

After several social media campaigns from potential senior candidates, the class of 2023 gathered together during homerooms to cast their votes for each category. After narrowing down the candidates, NC students and teachers impatiently anticipated the results. NC finally released the senior class superlative winners for the class of 2023 Wednesday, October 19.

Jasmina Buranich, Co-Copy Editor

Following the senior breakfast served by Krispy Kreme, NC waited on the final winners for senior class superlatives. NC’s yearbook staff worked diligently to carry out this activity and create the 14 categories which can vary from year to year. The results finally circled NC Tuesday, October 19 as the winners celebrated their victory.

“Senior superlatives always look different within the yearbook room. We typically try to have a junior or someone who isn’t a senior run things. This year, it was Megan Tate. Every year, we try to come up with fun and new ideas for each superlative we feel highlights the senior class. It’s a thrilling experience, as I was chosen to do superlatives last year. To hear everyone discussing who they think will win and actually knowing is a tough job. However, Megan did a great job this year and I was so excited to see everyone get up and accept awards,” yearbook editor-in-chief Maisey Wasulko said. 


Kaylie Paneda and magnet Zion Renfrum’s eye-catching outfits assisted their title as the best-dressed students in the class of 2023. Students cannot help but notice their individualistic fashion choices when roaming the halls.

“ [The superlative] feels like a massive compliment if I am being honest. My style inspirations usually come from [the]Parisian chic style. I am always watching French Vogue and follow a lot of that style on social media. I think [the superlative] fits me because I genuinely do like dressing up. It gives me some type of motivation. I [also] think that the superlative fit other girls as well,” Paneda said.

Best bromance and gal pals

Center Blake Ellsworth (55) and offensive guard Marselle Felton (63) undoubtingly secured their spot for the best bromance. The football duo spends their days together on and off the field.  With Julia Megalhães and Haneen Mohamad’s participation in clubs, volunteering and the morning announcements together, the best friends won the “gal pal” superlative.

Class clowns

NC awarded this notorious superlative to the two teens who light up a classroom by making their peers and teachers laugh: Nahtecia Housen and LaBryon Dixon. Students can count on them to lighten the mood on a difficult day.

Biggest flirts

Magnet Alexis Christian and Benjamin Hall garnered “biggest flirt” early in the voting process. The pair also contributes to NC’s athletic program, Christian as a runner on the cross country team and Hall as a running-back for the varsity football team. 

Worst drivers

 When the clock strikes 3:30 p.m. and the dismissal bell rings, drivers flood out of the school into NC’s parking lot and student drivers take the wheel. The seniors voted magnet Miya Everage and Ethan LaBorde as NC’s worst drivers.

Most likely to be a reality TV star

When in search of people to nominate, the senior class voted for magnet ZaNiya Cottle and magnet Antonio Robinson; the pair unquestionably matches the criteria of a reality TV star. Students wonder what their next move will entail, as their unpredictable and charismatic nature serves as entertainment. 

Most likely to be president

Magnet vice president Alison Bolanos and magnet Will Chastain’s academic efforts and involvement throughout NC spiked a common thought: Bolanos and Chastain for president. 

Most musical 

Percussionist Quincy Johnson and magnet flautist Addie Quintana won the most musical superlative. On Friday nights, Johnson and Quintana join the marching band to make some noise for the Warriors.

Most athletic

Center defender Symone Thomas (23) attained “most athletic” for her performance during soccer season.  Thomas plays for NC’s varsity soccer team and takes on a leadership role for her team on the field. Quarterback Malachi Singleton (3) also received the title of most athletic. The four-star athlete announced his commitment to the University of Arkansas in April 2022. 

Cutest couple

Linebacker Kameron Owens (16) and cheerleader Aniyah Suggs took the hearts of NC students with their relationship that began during their freshman year. The couple also won homecoming king and queen Friday, October 14.

Best shoulder to lean on

NC seniors look toward people for comfort in times of sadness or stress, and when they needed to cast their vote, they selected Jasmin Edwards and magnet Theodore Fowler as the best shoulders to lean on. The pair simply knows the right things to do and say to support their fellow peers.

Social butterflies

Unlike several teenagers who stress when meeting new people or making new friends, Lucky Dang and magnet Fiorella Davila appear as the extroverts of this year’s senior class. They exhibit a welcoming and inclusive attitude toward everyone that they encounter, expressing kindness and gratitude.

Worst case of senioritis

As senioritis spreads through NC, seniors notice two people who have received the worst cases yet: Amanda Getz and magnet Nick Hays. The pair wishes to conclude the hectic year in front of them. 

Mr. and Miss. NC

Lastly, seniors voted class president Cleo Johnson and magnet Annisha Brown as Mr. and Miss. NC. Since freshman year, the two students showcased their school spirit, represented NC as club leaders, furthered their involvement as members of school-based organizations and served on homecoming court at least once. 

“Involvement has always been extremely important to me.  I was always involved in middle school and I wanted to really continue that in high school. I’m in track and field, I’m a cheerleader, I am president of the Black Student Union, secretary of Tribal Connections and historian of Brainfood. I am in the Beta Club and National Honors Society. To me, all of the things that you can be involved in really makes NC stand out for me, which is the reason I chose NC over other schools I applied to,” Brown said. 

On behalf of NC, The Chant congratulates the winners of the senior class superlatives and a special thank you to the yearbook staff for their annual efforts.