“Halloween” ends



The “Halloween” slasher series acts as a staple of Halloween and pop culture. The movies inspired the start of numerous other movies such as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. These movies popularized the slasher genre and gained billions in revenue and merchandise.

Evan Fernandez, Reporter

The “Halloween” trilogy included 13 movies and became one of the top recognizable horror films paving the way for several other slasher movies after their release in 1978. The latest movie, “Halloween Ends,” will mark the end of the antagonist, Michael Myers, and grant peace to the small town of Haddonfield. Fans feel saddened by the end of the iconic movie trilogy. 

The latest movie veers away from the stereotypical tropes of the past “Halloween” films. The movie displays the several ways the characters deal with their trauma, and how it affects each character differently. Unlike the past movies, a different character performs the majority of the killing. 

“The movie was alright. I liked the previous movies more because Michael did more of the killing but it was still a decent movie. It was fun to watch and had lots of suspense. It was much better than the squeals after the original Halloween,” sophomore Regan Gronsbell said.

Michael acts as a mentor for the new killer, Corey, who suffers trauma from an accident that killed the boy he was babysitting. Corey enters a killing spree and murders seven people including his own father. 

Toward the end of the movie, Michael kills Corey because he does not see a need for his help, and continues his killing spree. Michael’s sister reveals his face when she removes his mask during a fight. Michael then attacked and killed his younger sister fighting her in a lengthy kitchen brawl. The residents of Haddonfield crush his body in a gory and disgusting way to ensure he never comes back to haunt their town. 

“The movie was not very good. I don’t like the fact that they got someone else to do the killing and Michael played more of a bystander role. It did not meet my expectations for the final Halloween movie, and I feel like they could have done a better finale for such an iconic movie series,” “Halloween” fan Ray Hively said.

Fans hold high hopes for another movie and still feel skeptical that this was the last “Halloween” movie because horror movies always tend to find a way to make another movie to earn additional money. Sequels act as a way for the movies to continue and to roll money in. Fans believe the reboot of “Halloween” avenged the original movie and look down upon and consider the sequels before the 2018 reboot as inferior.

“The new movie is full of jumpscares and made me jump countless times. It was a bit gory but I suppose that’s expected when you watch a slasher movie. Horror movies are not really my thing, but my friends were going so I went. I enjoyed it but it was just a little much for my first real horror movie,” sophomore Nicholas Shields said.


The Chant’s Grade: A