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Evan Fernandez, Reporter

Evan Fernandez, a new sophomore and new NC student, joined newspaper to improve his writing skills. He enjoys playing his guitar and has hopes of joining band. Fernandez enjoys listening to rock music, watching movies and hanging out with friends. He not only participates in newspaper, but is a player for the NC boys tennis team. He is excited for his first year in newspaper and wants to see what the future holds.


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Scientists ponder over the possibility of life in other parts of the universe. With the discovery of possible life on Europa, Jupiter’s fourth-largest moon, scientists at NASA wasted no time and decided to send a probe to look for life that will launch in 2024. The discovery of life on another celestial object rather than the Earth would act as the discovery of the century.

Life on Europa

Evan Fernandez, Reporter
May 24, 2023
NASA’s plan to travel to the moon after decades will continue as planned if these piloted Artemis missions occur successfully. NASA wants the crew to test and perform trials aboard the ship that will eventually fly to the moon. Similar to the early Apollo missions, the purpose of this first manned Artemis mission to circle the moon and slingshot back to Earth after 10 days, will act as a great step toward NASA building a moon base.

Artemis Crew

Evan Fernandez, Reporter
May 19, 2023
For adult animation fans “South Park” plays a vital role in the industry alongside other shows such as “Family Guy”, “Rick and Morty”and “American Dad” in the adult animation industry. With the 26th season released, South Park covers modern and relevant topics and controversies such as Kanye West and his remarks on his interview with Alex Jones. Fans continue to love and support the creation of new episodes for the series.

South Park season 26

Evan Fernandez, Reporter
April 30, 2023
The “Halloween” slasher series acts as a staple of Halloween and pop culture. The movies inspired the start of numerous other movies such as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. These movies popularized the slasher genre and gained billions in revenue and merchandise.

“Halloween” ends

Evan Fernandez, Reporter
October 26, 2022
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Evan Fernandez