My Top 3 Favorite Races


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People love all different kinds of races— from the races in Europe, Africa and America. The race community continues to emit fun and positive energy. Fans go crazy when they hear the engines start, and watch a bunch of cars go in a circle for three hours.

Evan Fernandez, Reporter

#3: Monaco Grand Prix

As one of the most prestigious races in car racing, fans all around the world watch the Monaco Grand Prix. The race contains a 3.3 loop that must be completed by races 78 times. The race challenges racers with tight turns and narrow streets through the streets of Monaco.

“As a car race fan myself, I love watching all kinds of races all around the world. Races that include cars or just sprint races. I love spending my time watching cars go in a circle super fast and barely moving positions for hours!” second grader, and avid Formula 1 enjoyer Billy Williamson said.

#2: Indy 500

This Formula 1 race takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana every may.  Racers must complete 200 laps of 2.5 miles to a total of 500 miles. As one of the biggest races in the United States, fans come to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to enjoy the loud sounds of the Formula 1 cars speeding around the track.

“I get so excited when I see the racers pull out with their cars. Hearing the roar of the engine, and having to wear something to protect your ears so they don’t explode, is my kind of fun. I can’t imagine anything else that would amuse me as much as seeing a pile-up of cars, and seeing all the cars crash,” senior citizen and dedicated NASCAR fan Roe Jogan said.

#1: Daytona 500

Similar to the Indy 500 in Indianapolis, the Daytona 500 takes place in Daytona, Florida. Instead of using Formula 1 cars, the Daytona 500 races with NASCAR cars that include Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge/Ram. The race usually commences the NASCAR season and serves as the most prestigious race of NASCAR.


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