Rich and richer with tech jobs


Courtesy of Google and Amazon

People in the technology field can earn six figures on average and earn stocks from their companies too. Corporations need people for jobs such as data scientists and software developers. As the world becomes digital, jobs in the tech industry will continue to grow and remain in high demand. People can work in companies like Apple and Amazon and other medium companies such as Spotify or Microsoft.

Divine Idiku, Reporter

Nearly all CEOS today either majored in engineering or computer science, which contributes to their wealth. Various benefits come with working in the tech field, such as high salaries, the flexibility of work locations and the high demand for workers.

The world will always need people in tech from business, finance and health care; The demand for people in tech grows alongside the actual industry. Software developers, also known as software engineers, continue to grow in need, earning an average of $76,526 according to Glassdoor. They also develop programs and applications through coding. People who want to become software engineers should know coding in multiple languages such as Java and Python, and should also hold a general knowledge of computer science. Students in high school wanting to become software engineers should take advanced math and physics classes, such as calculus and computer science classes if offered. 

“Just about everything that surrounds us now is software-based, whether its cars especially self-driving cars, aircraft, any kind of transportation is very software-based, even appliances now. Everything is software generated,” computer science teacher Matthew Tener said.

Data scientists and analysts grow in demand, earning an average of $102,708 with experience of two to four years. A data scientist obtains insights, explains trends and helps organizations make data-based decisions. A data scientist must possess a skill set of data analysis and modeling, problem-solving, math and statistics, visualization and presentation skills and a basic knowledge of Java and Python. People typically major in data science, computer science or other similar majors in that field. High schoolers interested in this field should take Statistics, Calculus and a computer science class if offered in their high school. 

Due to rapid and forced digitalization during the pandemic, tech jobs’ average salary increased drastically averaging about $104,566 in the U.S. Tech companies pay their workers a substantial amount of money due to their potentiality of making millions. Companies do not only pay in cash, but also in stocks, which increases as a person moves up the ladder. Working in the tech industry offers noteworthy advantages, such as working at one of the Facebook, Apple, Alphabet, Netflix and Google (FAANG) companies. Meta (formerly Facebook), Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet (formerly known as Google) make up the FAANG companies. This acronym stands for the major players in the world of American technology. Working at one of the FAANG companies carries the great benefits of potentially earning a fabulous salary and access to a substantial network system. However, people face great difficulty in earning a job at one of these companies, these companies receive 50,000 resumes every week and reject thousands. Medium companies such as Microsoft and Spotify also pay significant amounts of salaries. 

“Everybody wants to work there, what people don’t realize is that just about every company now has software consultants. One thing Google has done in particular is that they have created work environments very unlike other companies. If you went to Google headquarters and looked, you could live there. It’s amazing. That’s one of the reasons why people want to work there, plus they pay a lot,” Tener said.