Get Ready to talk about GRWM


Callie Kinsinger

The “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) TikTok trend, spread on all platforms of media, showing the inside of everyone’s regular lives. These videos make new people and products popular, spreading influence to people in all communities, especially beauty viewers. The trends allow watchers to enjoy the behind-the-scenes in people’s lives and find inspiration for new adventures and creative looks.

Callie Kinsinger, Features Editor

Numerous people in the beauty and fashion communities see and participate in the recent trend “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) on TikTok. Influencers and trend followers make one-to-three-minute videos showing the process of doing their skincare, makeup, hair and picking an outfit to accommodate their plans each day. This caused new influencers to arise, such as Alix Earle, because viewers simply enjoy their style of videos.

The videos became titled “get ready with me” because TikTok users start the video saying “get ready with me to go…” whatever destination they expect to apparel. The majority of these videos play out the same way, with short clips of each step of preparing for the day and talking about random life experiences and thoughts. Watchers stay engaged in the videos because they enjoy listening to other people talk about their days and watching them put on makeup.

“GRWM on TikTok has influenced me by making me want to work harder on myself and also has made me want to purchase products in the videos just because I see how well it works for the influencer and people in the comments,” sophomore Aubrey McPherson said.

These videos tend to promote new and popular makeup products, hair supplies and skincare products. This allows people to find inspiration online, for both makeup looks and ideas for new adventures. This allows new businesses attention from just a handful of reviewers using their products and supplying businesses with positive reviews.

Callie Kinsinger

“Makeup ‘get ready with me’ videos have influenced me to buy lots of different makeup and clothing products that social media influencers marketed. They’re very inclusive and anyone can show an outfit or makeup style and I think people love to hear about crazy stories so it has expanded and made many other people want to try to make them,” sophomore Kaydence Malcom said.

A new influencer, Alix Earle, rose to social media prominence with her GRWM videos because followers enjoyed her makeup style and her personality through a short video. Numerous watchers could relate to her daily life experiences expressed through videos, leading to her becoming extra popular each day. A plethora of people associates her with influencers Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, as she reflects a fun and genuine internet personality.

“I think people like GRWM so much because it’s so real and comforting to watch. It’s just nice to see people act human online, and because of that reason I think that’s where it got its popularity from,” McPherson said.

Watchers invest their time in how random people’s days will play out, creating a wholesome bond between online creators and people in the comment sections. Whether one watches for tips and tricks on the newest makeup trends, or to hear about someone’s crazy life, GRWM videos exist for any occasion. While watching someone prepare for either a party or bed, followers enjoy seeing the insider lives of regular people. 

“The videos are very entertaining and most have storytimes that make me want to watch them more. I like being able to relate to some or hear about the crazy stories others experienced and take notes on how others do their makeup. I think people mostly enjoy the drama that GRWM brings along,” Malcom said.