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Japanese animation: Big or bust?

Japanese animation: Big or bust?

Elijah Pacis, Reporter
December 10, 2020
Popular creators, especially on live-streaming platforms, utilize professional equipment like boom mics and webcams to stream themselves and their actions to viewers. However, it does not take expensive hardware or equipment to start creating content. One can use OBS, or any other screen-capture program, and editing software to record themselves playing games and post edited footage. Dozens of activities like cooking and sports only require a phone to record and an internet connection to upload.

Content is king: A growing industry

Elijah Pacis, Reporter
September 14, 2020
The issue with influencers

The issue with influencers

Lainey Devlin, Copy Editor
September 3, 2020
NC’s halls fill with VSCO girls, e-girls, and clowns as students commemorate TikTok/meme day and celebrate the second day of 2019’s Homecoming week. Eager to show off their warrior spirit, nearly every NC student carries Hydro Flasks and scrunchies and wear golden chains to dress up as their favorite TikTok or meme contributing to Homecoming’s spirit week.

NC’s TikTok day

October 15, 2019
Thanks to the hit video app TikTok, users around the world share their own unique videos or create popular challenges, such as “The Buckle” . Besides viral dance videos, TikTokers also share viral food videos. Thanks to these viral food videos, users everywhere can try these delicious foods.

Time is ticking away to try these TikTok food trends

Madison Dean, Opinions Editor
September 3, 2019
TikTokers including sophomore Bentley Huff (pictured) spent their summer trying to become “TikTok Famous”. With school back in full swing, TikTokers have begun filming TikToks at school instead of at home or while on vacation as they did over the summer. TikTok will experience a bright future with the holiday season approaching, and ultimately, TikTokers’ obsession over the social networking database.

TikTok Take Over

Amber Roldan, Staff
August 22, 2019
Out of all the apps on her phone, fifth grader Yazmine B.  spends the most time on TikTok, an app that allows its 500 million active monthly users to create comedy, dance, and lip sync videos. TikTok’s guidelines  require parent permission for users under 18 to use the app. Young children and tweens like Yazmine usually fabricate their birthdates to create an account. The app does little to protect its younger users  from explicit content and online predators. “It’s a joke,” Titania Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer of Bark, a parental control service, said.

Growing up on social media: A cautionary tale

Erin Grier, Reporter, Photographer
May 7, 2019
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