The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

The Chant

The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Music Midtown reigns down on Atlanta

Jackson Rains
Atlanta hosted its annual Music Midtown, after a one-year hiatus, September 15-17; the festival featured a plethora of popular music artists, local food and plenty of fun. The three-day music festival introduces a variety of music genres and people which brings excitement and new songs to anyone who attends. After three days packed with fun, visitors must wait an entire year for Music Midtown’s return.

After a year of anticipation, Atlanta returned with its annual Music Midtown festival, bringing a set of new music artists and events. The three-day festival features over 30 artists on four stages and showcases rising and popular artists for all music lovers. The festival, located in Piedmont Park, included various other attractions and brought a crowd of people together for three nights of enjoyment.

The 2023 lineup included popular artists such as P!NK, Billie Eilish, The 1975 and Guns n’ Roses, amongst several others. Each artist displayed their unique tones and music styles which appealed to people from all over who attended the event. The music continued from the afternoon to late at night which highlighted different music throughout different times of the day.

My favorite performance was definitely the Billie Eilish one, the amount of energy and anticipation radiating off of everyone was insane. We were all jumping in the mud, and despite it flying on everyone around us, we were all having the time of our lives. She was an amazing performer and really engaged with her audience. We were extremely close to her and we were able to really experience the concert on a level that, I personally, have never experienced before,” junior Olivia Doucette said.

Music Midtown opened the eyes of music listeners to an array of new artists such as The Moss, Sarah Kinsley and Ed Rox. Though these artists may not occupy a viral name, the spread of their music to crowds of hundreds of people will boost their listening and following. Music festivals commonly allow the chance for minor artists to rise and possibly obtain a breakthrough in their careers.

“The 1975 was the best performance by far because their presence filled the entire festival, and their show had the most personality. The band members all acted a little differently, and their whole show was built to have a certain ambiance which was definitely achieved. I liked the large array of music. There were many people I had never heard of that were really enjoyable to watch that otherwise I wouldn’t have known about,” junior Jackson Rains said.

Not only did Music Midtown live up to its name, but it also brought a Ferris Wheel to show the amazing views of the skyline and sponsorship experiences. Eateries across Atlanta, such as The Loaded Burger, promoted their businesses by selling food everywhere in the park. The variety of food choices catered to a plethora of likings, allowing anyone a satisfied stomach and enjoyable experience.

Festival visitors encountered a burden in the weather, but that did not stop an exciting time. Atlanta received rain for a majority of the weekend which caused the dirt grounds of the festival to turn to mud. Various particularly crafted festival outfits fell victim to the weather, but the shows continued. Attendees worked through the burden of the rain and managed to enjoy an inviting time at Music Midtown.

“The weather was terrible. I walked around with a poncho on or in my pocket most of the day. There was mud everywhere and your feet completely sank anywhere you walked. I got completely soaked,” Rains said.

Tickets ranged from expensive to moderate in four categories: three-day tickets, two-day tickets, one-day tickets and student tickets. VIP, GA+ and general admission tickets stood as options for each day, along with a super VIP ticket presented by Venmo. Student tickets required verification of college or graduate student enrollment for purchase. Sellers priced tickets anywhere from $200 to around $1500, allowing a wide range accommodating different budgets.

Music lovers anticipate the next annual Music Midtown festival and expect new artists for next year. Various genres of music from talented artists create incredible lineups making it worth the wait. As visitors hope for improved weather for the next year, the array of artists come together in the perfect combination.

“What I enjoyed most had to be the people that we talked to. We had befriended the people around us at the Billie concert because we had gotten there an hour and a half before the concert. We were all packed like sardines but filled with the same love for this one person and started bonding over different experiences and each other’s lives. We discovered that everyone was pretty much super friendly and openly having fun and not caring much about anyone’s opinion. Being able to see people who were so proud to be who they were and have the ability to talk to them was a really amazing experience,” Doucette said.

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